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What things should Side Sleepers consider before buying a mattress

What things should Side Sleepers consider before buying a mattress - Shinysleep

There are various sleeping positions one can have. One of the most common sleeping position is side sleeping. As plenty of people who sleeps on their side feel difficult sleeping on their mattress as it provides discomfort to them.

So what things side sleeper should to consider before buying mattress.

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Before buying on your next mattress, there are a few things that once must take care of and consider to ensure to get the most comfortable mattress worth that will be of your money.

Following is a list of things side sleeper should consider before buying a mattress:

  1. Proper Spinal SupportIt’s very essential to find a mattress that won’t allow your body to sink too deep into the mattress, as it can put extra stress on the spine which could cause severe back pain and extreme pain on pressure points.



  1. Ideally, quality memory foam mattresses are one of the best for side sleepers as they can contour to your body in a way that releases pressure and tension while preventing the misalignment of your spine.


  2. Price: Getting a quality side-sleeping mattress will require a budget. Certain mattress types and materials cost more simply because of their manufacturing processes and durability.


  3. Body Type and Firmness: Firmness typically refers to how firm or soft a mattress is, and his/her body weight determines how firm or soft a mattress feels to them.

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    If you do not weigh much, most mattresses will feel firm to you, so it’s best for you to get a little expensive mattress for proper comfort.
    On the other hand, if your weight is a little heavy then you need more support from the mattresses to prevent yourself from sinking far into your mattress. So people with heavyweight should choose a firmer mattress.
    In general, side sleepers are usually most comfortable on medium to medium-firm mattresses because medium-firm mattress are soft enough to relieve your pressure points but still supportive enough to promote a healthy and strong spine.

    Before deciding how firm your bed should be, consider your preference for firmness beforehand.


  4. Cooling and Airflow: As hot sleepers probably already know, temperature control is an important thing to look for in a new mattress. It’s very common for a vast number of people to report overheating or experiencing night sweats, which causes disturbances in their sleeping schedule. As we mentioned above, best suited for medium mattresses as side sleepers because they have adequate cushioning under the shoulders and hips. 
    As a side sleeper’s shoulders and hips slowly sink down into the mattress and get surrounded by foam which causes a greater risk of their mattress becoming a heat trap. 
    This is why it’s very important for side sleepers to go with mattress which is built using cooling technologies. When looking for a cooling mattress, keep an eye out for gel swirls, gel beads, plant-based or latex foams, and ventilated air channels.


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 5.Warranty: The warranty of your mattress plays a very significant role in the overall value of the mattress. If your mattress comes with a warranty that only lasts for a couple of years and doesn’t cover much, you’re ultimately out of luck if something were to happen to your mattress.

Buying a mattress with at least a 7-year warranty is the best way to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth from your new bed.

Before buying, read the warranty information to have an understanding of what is covered and what the warranty process entails, so you’re not surprised years down the road should you ever have to submit a warranty claim.

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Buying a mattress for a side sleeper can be a little difficult as you have to take care of various things before buying a mattress for him/her. Hopefully, these tips will surely help you before buying a mattress that is ideal for you.\