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What are the most Important Mattress consideration for Back Sleepers

What are the most Important Mattress consideration for Back Sleepers - Shinysleep

If you are sleeping on your back, you should have to make sure that you opt for a mattress that puts you in a position of a restful night’s sleep and that doesn’t induce any type of back pain and backaches.

When sleeping on your back, the body tends to assume a relatively straight and natural posture; but this posture can be disrupted if the body doesn’t get adequate support. 

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As a result, it is necessary for back sleepers to choose their mattress carefully.

In this blog, we’ll start by reviewing the most important aspects of mattress design, especially for back sleepers.

Following are the key points that one must consider before buying a mattress for a back sleeper:

  • Support: Every sleeper should aim to select a mattress that promotes proper alignment of the spine.

    If your mattress is unable to provide you adequate support to your body and reinforcing poor sleeping patterns, then your mattress is not a good choice for you.

    If your mattress doesn’t fulfill your personal preferences and you are getting compromised with comfort which is resulting in interrupted sleep and leaving you feeling tired and sore in the morning then you should need to get rid of it and buy a new mattress for yourself.

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  • Firmness: The best firmness level for most back sleepers is medium-firm.  A mattress that provides extra plush will be too soft to keep your body straight.


  • A mattress that is too rigid or hard will be very uncomfortable for sleeping purposes and will put undue pressure on the neck and the small of the back which can lead to frequent back pain and backaches.

  • Positive Reviews: back sleeper should opt for the mattress which has more positive reviews and ratings and should look for reviews that are only from verified purchases and ideally that come from other back sleepers.


  • Durability: You can buy a mattress on a daily basis, it is a big investment, and that investment should be spent on a mattress that last long and is highly durable.
    There’s not much worse than a sagging mattress, especially for people whose sleeping position requires proper support.


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  • Pillow: When you buy a new mattress, it is a great opportunity to take a hard and proper look at your pillows.Your pillow should offer comfort and support and you need to know that they are effective or not.


Back sleepers get benefit from a medium height pillow and firmness with light contouring so that it keeps your head flat and spine in a straight line.

How to find the right pillow

  • Look for a pillow made up of good quality material.
  • Make sure your pillow isn’t too thick.
  • The pillow needs to encourage the natural curve of the neck and support your head and shoulders.
  • Consider a medium-firm pillow that has a curved edge.
  • Use a pillow under the neck that fills the space between the bed and neck.
  • Use a pillow under the knees to help reduce tension on and align the spine naturally.

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So this was our blog on most Important Mattress consideration for Back Sleepers. If you are still having any doubts let us know, we will love to answer them.