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Q. What is the process to deal with a damaged product?

A. We are happy to help our customers in case of wrong or damaged deliveries. Simply email us at- or give us a call. We will pick up the order from your address on our own and would exchange it with a new mattress.


Q. Do you accept credit cards for payment processing?

A. Yes, all major cards are accepted like American Express, Visa, Discover, Mastercard. We also love to extend our financial services via Affirm


Q. What is the shipping duration and how it works?

A. We offer FREE shipping for all our mattresses. In case you need an urgent delivery, we have partnered with a few courier companies through which we expedite the process for an extra amount of charge.

The orders are electronically processed and the order is shipped within 3 days of ordering. You could track your order on the website to keep a record with the help of a tracking number. A separate shipping order mail is sent to the registered email id in which the details are given regarding the order number and shipping tracking number.

In case of more than one order, shipping would be done separately and would be delivered on separate days.


Q. Is it possible to get a mattress customised?

A. We are happy to help you in any way. If mentioned standard size does not suit your requirement then Shinysleep can customize the size of your mattresses as per your desire. For this plz mention the required size in the comment box while placing the order or simply call us


Q. How to measure the size of a mattress?

A. To measure the size of your mattress, simply the accessories from the mattress that are covering it like bed sheets, pillows, etc. Then take a flat tape measure or a ruler to access the size. Now measure the size from end to end for length and width and then from top to bottom for the height.

To get the right measurement, firstly measure the size from left seam to right seam for length and width. Now measure from top to bottom for the exact height!


Q. When should mattresses be replaced ideally?

A. No matter what the warranty period says, experts recommend changing your mattress after every seven years. But if it concerns your health in the form of back pain, it is advisable to change it on an early basis.


Q. Is Latex mattress is costly?

A. The Latex mattress which Shinysleep Provides is not so costly as there is no Middle-Man and it comes Directly from Factory to customer.