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Mattress in Faridabad

Buying Mattresses Online In Faridabad 

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Faridabad was initially divided into two parts one was old Faridabad from Badarpur border to pall and the other side was SurajKund to NIT and extended to sectors 23, 55, and 58, and more. Now, we have greater Faridabad, Nehar par, sector 62, Sanik colony and Greenfields, omaxe, etc.


But all the people residing in Faridabad for a long time or they migrated people from Delhi or other parts of the country were having problems in selecting the new mattress as there were very few options available like old market, B.K Chowk, Ballabgarh market and few shops here and there.


As a Shinysleep, we have given you a platform to visit our mattress store in Faridabad and fulfill your requirement with complete guidance from sleep experts.


We have Mattresses like Budget for less range, Hard and soft mattresses, spring mattresses, latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, Bonnel spring mattresses, natural mattresses, pillows, bedsheets, comforters available with us. we make mattresses as per individual’s needs.


We don’t sell the mattress, we sell the comfortable sleep”.


Mattress in Faridabad from Shinysleep is loved by a lot of customers in Faridabad and other parts of India. so what are you waiting for?


Now you can visit our outlet in NIT 5 Faridabad. Here you can see all the different types of Mattresses such as Dual Comfort, Orthopaedic Mattress, Ortho Plus Mattress, Nexa Mattress, Ortho Active, Latex Mattress. You can also get a wide range of pillows, bedsheets, comforters.

You can come to our outlet and our sleep experts will be happy to assist you.



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You will be provided with a 111 nights-free trial, 10 years warranty, and 0% EMI.


Looking to have an improved sleeping condition and a sound sleep in Faridabad?


Experiencing back or neck pain? Calm down! We have the product to fix your issues for a pain-free night of sleep.


With this fast-paced life, Every day has become like a war. Where we all try to get ahead of each other spending hours daily in front of computers or screens. Because of this, the pressure on the neck or at the back is felt. It affects our sitting posture and spine alignment.


No doubt, it’s very common, and a large number of us have encountered this once in our lives. And the reason behind this can vary from injury to a terrible posture and choosing the uncomfortable mattress or pillow can increase your suffering.



However, nobody wishes to awaken with neck pain as it can make simple movements difficult and leave you baffled. Furthermore, much of the time, it tends to be the aftereffect of your sleep position and the sort of mattress or pillow you use. Well, these pains could be fixed. Let’s find out how. 

All you have to do is to find your comfortable sleeping position i.e. whether you are a side or stomach sleeper and the support you are looking for from a mattress. This helps you choose the right fit for you and it eventually helps in relieving body pain by aligning the spine and neck and supporting your pressure points which lead you to a comfortable sleep and a refreshed morning.



 Increase your Quality sleep


 As said many times a night of good sleep is unimaginably significant for your well-being. In fact, having decent sleep is just as important as practicing healthy eating habits. Yet, tragically knowing the significance of sleep for a wonderful next day, people are still sleeping less than they did in the past, and sleep quality has decreased over time.


Subsequently, lack of sleep or less quality sleep increases the risk for different health conditions. However, a night of restorative sleep on a natural mattress can make you feel refreshed the next day. It helps you forget your worries for the time being and you can snuggle into your mattress for a relaxing and restoring sleep.  



Avoid bad posture


I can understand that for work you must have to sit for long hours. But do yourself a favor and just get up every hour to take a walk as sitting for too long increases pressure on your spinal discs.


Additionally, remember to check your posture. A poor posture can prompt issues in your back or neck causing or increasing the pain. We can't help much in the daytime routine as sitting straight for longer hours is a difficult task. But you can keep a good and comfortable sleeping posture that bridges the gap between your neck and head by choosing a comfortable mattress like memory foam which conforms according to body shape and providing a body-hugging comfort



 Are you a stomach sleeper?


Everybody has their own sleeping positions such as back, stomach, and side. However, on the off chance that you are sleeping on your back then maybe you are doing injustice to your neck. Since when you sleep on your stomach, your neck can be on one side for quite a long time which can increase pressure on your neck muscles, causing you to feel pain the next day.

Moreover, sleeping on the stomach can likewise put a strain on your back, particularly if you sleep on a mattress without good support. Choose a little softer mattress that cannot be harsh on your stomach and will let you get good support and comfort while you sleep. 


Therefore, be kind to your neck and back. And try sleeping on your side or back instead of sleeping on your stomach.


Check out your mattress


The best Mattress in Faridabad can deliver comfortable heavenly sleep. Yet a bad one can be messed up your health. Therefore, be choosy while buying a mattress and look for a mattress with the proper spinal arrangement, support, and pressure point relief, and good airflow that helps you sleep cool. Choose the mattress from a different variety whether be it latex or memory foam. We also have an orthopedic mattress for ortho patients with good support to pressure points. 
As per my opinion, dual comfort is the best one to get away with these pains. So, buy one for you accordingly.


Your pillow

Indeed, every night your neck spends hours on your pillow, that is why choosing the right one is key to a healthy, pain-free neck. 

Therefore, a pillow that doesn’t support your head and neck appropriately can make pressure on your neck muscles, and cause neck pain. So, use pillows made with “memory foam” as they can help keep your neck supported throughout the night. Not only memory foam we also have a latex pillow with open pores design made with 100% natural latex foam certified from ECO- Institut. fiber pillow is also there for a soft and fluffy feel and comes in a low range.

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