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Shinysleep Mattress Franchise in India

Shinysleep Franchise Partner

Become a Franchise owner and hep in people getting good sleep. Shinysleep is a team of "The Sleep Experts" and will guide you step by steps to achieve your success goal. Join us to be a Master in Sleep Industry.



Able to provide time to grow the business.


Handling the store and attending the customer.


Based on the location you buy the franchise.


25%+ Return Annually. ROI will be recovered in 1.5 Year.


Franchise Partner

The franchise is an agreement between a franchisor and franchisee, where the franchisor allows access to the franchisee to use its business knowledge and process for selling a product or service under the franchisor's business name in exchange for a startup fee or a certain percentage of royalty.


A franchise business allows the franchisor to expand its geographical location or market share at a low cost. Apart from expanding the business of the franchisor, it also provides several benefits to the franchisee which are as follows:


1. High success rate: 

The success rate in the franchise is more than that of a new startup because it is an established concept that has more chances of success.

2. Business assistance: 

A franchisee gets all types of marketing and business assistance required in starting or running a business from the franchisor which can help in the smooth functioning of the business providing a great return to both parties.

3. Risk reduction: 

In a franchise, there is a low risk of loss because an established business will give you a great return.

4. Reduce cost: 

In this, a franchisor can buy the material in stock and hence can reduce the manufacturing cost which may charge higher if you buy as an independent buyer with less quantity.

5. Assured ROI: 

You will be able to earn an assured return on your investment if you buy a franchise as it's an already established business with great customer support that makes it easy for the franchisee to sell products or services.



We at Shinysleep also have a business opportunity for all those who want to earn huge returns and are ready to devote their time and skills to manage the business. It's a low-cost opportunity for all those who want to start their own business unit with or without any market experience.

Shinysleep is an online startup dealing in the manufacturing, retailing, and supplying of different kinds of mattresses and pillows. We are a team of sleep experts who works for bringing innovation and comfort in the mattress industry by providing high-quality mattresses at reasonable prices. We try to design our mattress in such a way that brings maximum comfort to the users.  

Launch your own mattress store and earn a huge return on investment with no branding cost. Here are some of the benefits you get by joining hands with us



Feel Free to contact us in case of any query as we will be happy to have you in our family.


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