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Real Orthopedic Mattress


Top Features

111 Nights trial

Use Shinysleep Mattress with no tension. Try for comfortable Mattress. Every Individual need is different and we acknowledge that.

11 Years Warranty

After Sale Service is very important. warranty plays very important role in it. Buy Shinysleep Mattress and sleep happly!


Delivery at your door step. By any chance if you have to place a return request it will be done from your door step.

0% EMI Available

Why you need to pay in one go! Pay with easy EMI and achieve your goals.

Fabric with Quilting

Just a zipper cover cannot be used for the next 10 years. Mattress cover with Quilting and edges stitched with binding tape can take care of mattress to be in shape for more than a decade

Temperature Control

Bamboo Knitted Fabric with cool gel quilting keeps the mattress cool.




It is very nice. I have purchased for my mom and she is happy with quality of mattress.

Rahul solanki

I have ordered the second mattress from shinysleep. They are highly professional and very good service.

Piyush kumar

Thank you shinysleep team for giving me the wonderful mattresses at a reasonable price. A product with multiple benefits. I am having a quality of sleep on my king size Ortho plus mattress. I will recommend it strongly.

Premkumar Kursaiah Boini

Fantastic product and excellent customer service. Team is really very great and explain about the product well.

gaurav saini

We first heard about Shinysleep from a friend. My wife asked her friends for suggestions for a new bed and we got several suggestions including Shinysleep . My nephew has a bad back. We were guided so well, the staff who we found to be incredibly knowledgeable.
Since my nephew had bad back, they recommended us for an ortho mattress which would help reduce the back pain. The team were so helpful and respectful. So we booked an orthopaedic mattress with a memory foam.

His back issues have lowered than earlier. Very much satisfied with it.we will strongly recommend this company for mattresses.

Ashish Raj

Excellent product, got the mattress as swift as possible, in just 2 days to be precise, the customer manager is well knowledgeable abt the product as well as explains and guides you well enuf, to get the product of ur choice.
Coordinating the entire.process was well crafted and flow of information was excellent.

Good job done and best of luck for the business in future. Recommend to all to try and ensure you will not be disappointed.

Sabyasachi Mazumdar

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Sleep Like a Baby

Whatever age group you fall make sure you sleep comfortably like a baby. If you sleep comfortably then you can focus in achieving your per-day goals.

Every Individual is different

Every individual sleeping position and comfort level is different. Select your mattress as per your need.


What is the reason to choose shinysleep?

In India there is a say in mattress industry - At evey 5 KM you will see a new mattress manufacturer. Market is flooded with lot of options so how to make a correct decision?

Offline Market - The person selling the mattress in store is having very limited knowledge and there focus is to sell any company mattress in which they will make more profit margins.

Online Market - Most of the online company are just putting zipper cover and secondly, they offer 1-2 type of comfort mattress and for sure that is not gonna fit for everyone's need.

Shinysleep - We offer you mattress based on your individual need. Buy our product based on your own comfort.

How to Properly Measure the Mattress?

Use a tape measure to determine the size of your mattress and box spring in inches.

Measure the Length: Measure the length, in inches, from the head of the mattress to the foot of the mattress. If necessary, repeat to check again.

Measure the Width: Measure the width, in inches, of the mattress from side to side.  If necessary, repeat to check again.

Measure the Height: Measure, in inches, from the bottom.

If bed is low height (12-16 Inch) you need 8 inch Mattress.

If bed is low height (17-22 Inch) you need 5,6 inch Mattress. 

Note: It is important to properly measure your mattress before purchasing an encasement.

How to select a Mattress?

For Hard Mattress - You can choose Dual Comfort or Orthopaedic Mattress.

For Medium Soft Mattress - You can choose Ortho Plus(Top Selling) or Hybrid Latex for more Organic Comfort.

For Soft Mattress - You can Choose Pocket Spring Mattress for Hotel like comfort.

For 100% Organic Mattress - You can Choose Latex Mattress and it feel medium soft.