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Seven mistakes you might be making with your sleep position

Have you ever imagined that your sleep position can disturb your sleep?

Following a long hectic day, having a decent night’s sleep is everyone’s dream but tossing and turning all night when you desperately want to sleep is a really bad dream. At times this happens because of a temporary factor like stress. But there are numerous individuals who have encountered the outcome of their awful sleeping position. The wrong position cannot just give you painful nights but can disrupt your shuteye as well. We all know that when our sleep gets affected, our well-being will undoubtedly follow. In this way, if you’re consistently getting a terrible night’s sleep, it could be due to your sleeping position.

Here is what you need to know about sleep position mistakes you might be making-

Sleeping Facedown

In the event that you sleep on your stomach, you will not feel being able to breathe properly. Since you need to turn your head aside to get air in and out, you naturally give your spine a twist. After some time, this can cause neck and back torment. Although this sleep position is helpful for people with sleep apnea.


Sleeping in a fetal position

This is a very common sleep position, where you sleep on your side with your legs curled up. Yet being too tightly curled up can limit your breath and can compromise the quality of your sleep.


Sleeping on your stomach

Did you know that sleeping on your stomach forces you to hold your upper spine in an awkward position for long hours at a time? Resting on your stomach is really the most exceedingly awful situation for your back. In the event that you are a consistent stomach sleeper, put forth an effort to change up your sleeping position when you can and change the direction your head is pointing often to have a better night’s sleep.


Sleeping on your back

this position can cause back pain for some people. And if you already have that, it can make it worse. If you have sleep apnea, it can make this problem worsen.


Sleeping in a starfish position

this is the one where the individual dozes on their back with their limbs spread out at various points. This position isn’t bad for your spine however it can prompt lower back torment as it flattens the lumbar region. This position likewise makes you wheeze and isn’t suggested for individuals with sleep apnea.


Not keeping your spine in a neutral position

Sleeping in a way that puts pressure on your spine is often a lot to do with the support your mattress provides. The spine is said to be in a neutral position when it is relaxed and not curved. On the off chance that you have a mattress that dips down in the middle, then, your spine is going to be bent all through the night even if you are sleeping on your back. A mattress that works with your rest style and body type can assist with numerous issues. Therefore, trust Shinysleep for the best mattress in India.


Not using a pillow to support your head and neck

A few people really like to rest without a pillow or with a bad quality pillow, yet in the event that your head is off the mark with your spine.–
it can cause upper back and neck torment for the duration of the day. In the event that you don’t utilize a pillow, so in that case, use a rolled-up towel simply under your neck to help it while you rest. On the other side, utilizing a large number of pillows under your head can likewise cause issues.


Improvise your sleep position

  1. If you are a back sleeper just use a pillow under the back of your knees to reduce stress on the spine.
  2. Stomach sleepers, in spite of keeping a pillow under your neck, keep one under your stomach and pelvic area to keep your spine aligned.
  3. If you sleep in a fetal position wedge a body cushion under your top arm and leg to loosen up your limbs and stretch your spine.
  4. If you are a side sleeper place a pillow between your knees to keep your spine aligned and reduce the stress on the lower back.

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