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How does a Shinysleep Ortho Plus Memory Foam Mattress Costs so Low?

How does a Shinysleep Ortho Plus Memory Foam Mattress Costs so Low? - Shinysleep

The ortho plus memory foam mattress, a magical product made for the ultimate comfort connoisseurs who just want to relax the first thing they come home without any hassle.

    The mattress is a combination of different layers and is summed up as the upgraded orthopedic mattress which is the favourite choice here at shinysleep.

We went deep down in the feedback to know why this was so and the results were amazing!


The Shinysleep Orthoplus Mattress has some of the futuristic features that are enjoyed by everyone:


Unmatchable Quality:

The quality offered by a shiny sleep ortho plus mattress is on the same lines of what we have served over the past years. We are 100 per cent focused on the build quality of our products which is the sole reason why people who use shiny sleep mattresses have a recorded decrease in back pain and the problems associated with their health.

Neither soft Nor Firm: One Quality of our ortho plus mattress that we are appreciated for is, “it being neither too soft nor too firm”

We always knew that the extremes cannot serve the needs of modern India, and the research conducted by us over a period of 1.5 years authenticated our theory.

We always promote the medium-soft mattresses that provide the ultimate comfort without causing any back problems.

Too firm or too soft can be very comfortable and relaxing in the short run but as time passes, it can be very dangerous for the back.

The Ortho Plus memory foam mattress encompasses all existing theories and provides luxurious comfort without taking the toll on our backs.


Reasonable Price:

The most applauded feature of shiny’s premier ortho plus that it costs way less than what is on the market in comparison. The pricing factor can be an issue, as most of the luxurious mattresses cost way too much a normal person can afford.

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That is why shiny sleep catered in to break all the barriers.

We always promote the theory that “luxury can be affordable”

We had our research and development team on work for 500 days and the result was a mattress luxurious in quality without making you break the bank.

The cost is equal to any other mattress available on the market, but the quality as per our customers is 10x of anything in comparison.

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How are we able to achieve this?

The R&D team was focused on bringing down the comprehensive prices of our products and the loophole where there was excess cash outflow was the exclusion of middle-men.


The whole model was infected by the flawed distribution model where a huge chunk of the cost was beard by the brand and ultimately the customer is paying the middle-men.

Shiny Sleep eliminated the need for any middle-men by introducing direct from factory to customer process.

Our mattresses come straight to your home from the unit where it is prepared, eliminating the requirement of any intervention.

This was the primary way we achieved a reasonable mattress for you without taking down the quality.

Every mattress of ours now follows the same process, because for us “the customer is the king” and we strive to provide nothing but quality.