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Things to Avoid to Stay Healthy

Things to Avoid to Stay Healthy - Shinysleep

Don’t eat food that has been sitting for all afternoon, go to bed on time,

We all have heard these instructions at some point in our lives and it’s a great chance we might be telling the same to our kids and the younger ones.

But do we follow these ourselves? 

Or are we just pretentious preachers who talk and talk without doing anything ourselves

Don’t worry we are not some busters who are judging you for not being true to yourself, we all have been sloppy most of the time.

The occasional ‘chill’ is important where we forget about what’s right and eat junk, sleep late and work up those rounds of vodka.

But the problem arises when the occasional becomes the ‘regular’

So, what are the major things that we have to avoid to stay healthy?


1. Eating what we shouldn’t have


We all are well aware of the things that we should eat and the ones that we shouldn’t. Then why are we so careless in maintaining a regular diet?

Nobody has to state anymore what the foods with fats & oils do to your body, or how the green veggies will help you to stay healthy .

It’s a knowledge so common to all, yet very uncommon in our behaviours.


What can be done? 

A proper-diet schedule with the cheat days mentioned.

According to the Indian diet, one can have 4 cheat meals in one month.

Your diet should comprise of – 

  • BreakFast: milk, eggs, subzi, whole wheat breads or chapatis or parathas, Idli, Dosa, etc. You can add one or more fruits as well. Keep it heavy!
  • Lunch: The meal of the middle should include dal, rice, chapatis, dahi, veggies and pulses. Keeping it short wouldn’t harm. Just don’t replace it with a happy meal
  • Dinner: The last meal of the day should always be light without much going into it. The late-night binge is where things go wrong.

Try maintaining the above dedicatedly and you don’t have to visit a doctor every two months.

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2. Messed up sleep schedule:

As we talked above, the late night Web Series binge accompanied by all sorts of junk food.

  • Sleeping late at night might be cool, but insomnia or the sleep disorders aren’t cool at all.
  • It couldn’t be said enough that maintaining a sleep schedule is important.
  • Not having a good sleep is not just unhealthy but can lead to serious complications.
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Maintaining a sleep schedule will not only save from the chronic diseases and that might occur and stay healthy , but it will help you in many other ways as well:

  • You will always be in a good mood
  • You will reach your office on time, so your boss will be in a good mood as well
  • Studies show good sleep will make you smarter
  • And you will shed the extra weight that you were trying to get rid off

This aspect is the most important in the whole as sleep is the fundamental that will heal your body in ways you can’t imagine.


3. One more shot please!

Alcohol consumption is injurious to health, yes we know that!

But to what extent? 
  • Inflammatory damage
  • Effect on central nervous system
  • Hallucinations
  • Heart damage
  • Even, infertility

Try keeping it on the low-end, anything in excess is harmful.

There is other stuff too to keep in mind but the above three are the major ones that we people don’t take care of much.

So Eat, sleep, drink-less, repeat!