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Need Help Choosing a New Mattress

Need Help Choosing a New Mattress - Shinysleep

Has your mattress been sitting in your home for more than 7-8 years and is on the verge of wearing out?

It might be time to get a new mattress


How do you know that it’s high time to change your mattress? 

– You are having troubles sleeping on it

– It has been in your home for more than 7-8 years

– It is sagging down

– You are having a back or joint pain

– You are experiencing dust allergies

These are the signs when you know it’s over

Moving on is tough, but sometimes it’s best to let go than to hold on.


Let dive into the factors you should keep in mind while buying a new mattress:

1. Comfort

What will you prefer after a long exhausting day of work –

A bed that is harder than a rock and feels like you are sleeping on the floor or one that feels like sleeping on a bed of clouds?

Obviously the second one, that is why comfort becomes a big factor while choosing to purchase a new mattress

Try on the mattress and look for the comfort factor in the reviews before pressing the buy button.


2. Build Quality –

A mattress that is not robust enough will wear out soon and won’t be a good choice

– Check for the build quality before buying a mattress


3. Warranty – 

You don’t want to look for a new mattress just after buying one six months ago, that will be sheer wastage of money.

– Look for at least 7 years of warranty while going for a mattress.

– We at shinysleep provide 10 years of warranty so that you can get a comfortable and relaxing sleep for more than a decade


4. Firm or soft?

– The answer is neither. Go for the best of both worlds. A mattress that is neither too soft nor too firm.

– Sleeping on a firm mattress is not good for your back’s health.

– That is just a myth, the reality is a medium-soft mattress. That will be the best choice for your back.


5.  Read customer reviews –

Customer reviews can be really helpful when it comes to buying a mattress online.

– We prefer checking google reviews and the ones of the amazon page if the company is listed there.

– You will get to know the exact picture of what the brand is when you read the experiences of other customers.


6. Orthopedic mattresses are a safer choice –

If you are looking for a mattress to support your back and relieve you from the existing back pains, the orthopedic mattress is a great choice.

At the shinysleep store you won’t find orthopedic Mattress at the top like the others, we have gone one step ahead to make it super comfortable for you.

We have released the orthopedic 2.0 named Ortho Plus which is even better than the regular orthopedic.

The healing power is twice and is a lot more comfortable than anything in comparison.

These were some of the major pointers you have to keep in mind before stepping in the market to buy a new mattress.

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