Why good mattress price is low while purchasing online as compare to shop

Remember the time when you wanted to buy a good mattress and before you went out shopping for it, you did a google search?

  • What’s a good mattress?

  • Best Mattress near me?


  • Where to get a great mattress? 

After getting somewhat okayish answers you checked the prices online and went to the stores that you found near you. 

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What was your first reaction?

Let us guess, it was Shocking right?  The same “good” mattress cost that you checked online is way costlier in the store. Have you ever wondered why is that?

Let’s get on that point in a bit.

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First, let us establish what a good mattress seems like. There are basically four major key points that make a good mattress:

  1. Comfort – It’s all about comfort and relaxation. A good mattress is certainly the one which provides you with very comfortable and the right kind of rest that you are expecting after a tiring day.
    It’s not possible to know if the mattress provides you with the best comfort in a couple of weeks. That is why you get Trials. Shiny sleep, by the way, provides you with 111-free night trials because we know it is not easy to make a decision and we try to make it as simpler as we could.


  2. Durability – The mattress you should go for should be durable. You don’t want something that’s good for half a year but loses its shine after that.


  3. Back Support – A good mattress provides the perfect back support so that you are devoid of any back problems.


  4. Warranty – A mattress which is good, comes with 5-8 years of warranty generally but the ones who have the best of what’s available can assure you a warranty of more than that.
    We at shinysleep, offer at least 10 years of warranty on any mattress.

Want to know more about what a good mattress is like? 

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Now let’s move on to the other part of the solution. 

The price factor! 

There is a huge factor of difference when it comes to the price points of mattresses that are sold online and offline.

The only major reason behind this is the ease of distribution when it comes to the online mattress industry. The offline mattress industry works up in a bit tight distribution structure.
Firstly as seen in the image below, the mattress after manufacturing goes to the wholesaler, who after keeping his fair share sends it off to the retailer and then it finally lands up into the customer’s hands.

The elimination of the above process and thereby the ease of distribution is what the online mattress industry provides.

Yes, you heard it correct! There are no middlemen involved. 

It goes from the manufacturing unit, straight into the hands of the customer. Thereby saving a good amount of money to the customer.

Being devoid of any middle-men cost, the mattresses bought online are comparatively cheaper.

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If you are a smart buyer, you will go for the one that saves you money and the most important resource – Your time. 

Be a smart buyer, and go for the modern means. It’s stylish, inexpensive and of course less time-consuming!

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