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Why Lack of Sleep is Bad for Your Health.

Why Lack of Sleep is Bad for Your Health. - Shinysleep

Sleep, a crucial part of life just like getting proper diet, fresh air or the optimal consumption of H2O.


Is it just a normal part of life that we have to go through?

Like getting dressed,

Let’s check some stats, to begin with:


  • Sleep is the third most important life process, being devoid of which can be lethal.
  • If you do not sleep for 11 days, you will die.
  • 264 hours is the limit, you can go without sleeping.
  • If you try to cross that, you won’t be able to survive.
  • Sleep deprivation can cause you to lose 11 days of productivity.
  • Sleep problems affect 50% to 80% of patients with bad mental health conditions.

Now as we have seen the stats of sleep, we can move on to the part where you’ll know how the lack of sleep can deteriorate your body, or in some cases could kill you.

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 1. Sleep Deprivation can cause Accidents


  • Lack of sleep impairs judgment and promotes errors.
  • According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, 100 thousand deaths are attributed to medical errors which were a result of sleep deprivation.
  • A certain percentage of global accidents occur due to a lack of sleep. That’s why drivers are always recommended to have adequate sleep and avoid driving if they do not get sufficient sleep.


2. Sleep Deprivation can be a major reason for critical health complications.

  • Lack of sleep is known for major health complications. Being such an important life process, we cannot deny sleep. Without taking proper care of sleep, we won’t be able to function properly.
  • 40% of all insomnia patients have a coexisting psychiatric condition.
  • According to medical practitioners, sleep deprivation can expose you to the following risks:
  • Heart diseases
  • Malfunctioned reproductive organs
  • Impaired Immunity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart attacks
  • Stroke

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 3. Lack of sleep can cause depression and other mental health problems.


  • Sleep deprivation directly impacts our CNS affecting our brain and mental health.
  • That is why most people with sleep deprivation are forgetful and have bad memory.
  • According to research, People who don’t take care of their sleep are diagnosed with many mental health issues such as:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Irregular mood changes
  • Frequent irritation


4. 3-5% of obesity in adults could be caused by lack of sleep.


  • The nights you binge your favorite shows or are awake are the nights which include bingeing food and satisfying all the food cravings.
  • People who are awake at odd hours are exposed to abnormal amounts of eating, which ultimately becomes the reason for obesity.

Now, you have seen why sleep is crucial for you and not just a regular part of your life which can be skipped.

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You can get on a lunch date with someone your friends set you up with someday else, but you cannot get on with your day if you lose sleep.

As we have seen, lack of sleep does not only put up a toll on the quality of life, but it can cause many irreversible problems and issues.

So, trying to have a good sleep, it will help you boost your immune, productivity, mental health, and overall life quality.

The better you snooze, the less you lose.