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6 Tricks to sleep fast

6 Tricks to sleep fast - Shinysleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep?

If yes, then you are not alone. According to a survey, more than 25 percent of adults report that they struggle with falling asleep at night and more than 60 percent report struggling with this issue at least 4 to 5 times in a month.

  • It’s very frustrating when you are not able to sleep fast and this inability to fall asleep quickly makes you tired all day.

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    Worrying about falling asleep only makes things worse, and panic can set in while you restlessly toss and turn.  As our brain is a very powerful muscle but still it is possible to either trick it or train it to help you fall asleep very quickly.

    Why you can’t fall asleep fast

    There could be multiple reasons that make you unable to fall asleep.

    Following are the common reasons which are responsible for not letting you sleep:

    • Inconsistent Routines: In order to sleep well each night, your sleep schedule needs to be consistent. As most of us habit of staying awake way too late watching Netflix, browsing the web, or scrolling through our social media accounts and these activities can complicate sleep because they trick the brain into staying awake while creating an unhealthy routine for transitioning into a nocturnal mode.

  • Bad Sleep Hygiene: Poor hygiene around bedtime can yield some bad sleep. A clean bedroom will also minimize allergy-related problems. To that end, you might also consider the benefit of a latex mattress. A stuffy nose and frequent sneezing can make it very difficult to fall asleep.

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      • Stress: Stress may be impossible to avoid, but taking stress to bed with you is a recipe for insomnia. Compounded with the unavoidable stresses of work, life and other physical problems like back problems, joint problems, or other kinds of chronic pain can be difficult to get to sleep due to lack of comfort.


      • Sleep Disorders: sleep disorders can be caused by psychological or physiological conditions that prevent a person from sleeping well. One common disorder is sleep apnea, which can result in excessive snoring. Another common sleep condition is restless leg syndrome, which prevents sleepers from being able to stay still.
        In rare instances, it can even become fatal. Diagnosing a real sleep disorder requires a professional medical opinion, and your doctor can help you with a treatment plan.

How to fall asleep fast

As we have now looked at common causes behind sleep awakening and the following techniques will be enough to help you fall asleep easily.

Try using these tips to find a solution that works best for you:

  1. Avoid eating or drinking before bedtime: avoiding eating heavy food in the night and any type of alcoholic beverage before bedtime as it can add roadblocks in your sleeping in the long run.


  2. Listen to calm and mild music: listening to mild and calm music can make your body and mind relax and enables you to sleep easily.


  3. Practice breathing techniques: practicing breathing techniques and a little bit of meditation is one of the easiest ways to help people get calm and relax their body and mind. One of the most common reasons why people can’t fall asleep is because of high stress or happiness. Breathing techniques can lower your stress levels and calm you down and helps you get good quality sleep.


  4. Set your sleeping and waking routine: try to sleep and wake at a consistent time. Sleeping at regular times can be very beneficial and helps you sleep well and avoid oversleeping.

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  5. Lower the temperature: the main reason that making you unable to sleep is that your room temperature is too hot. So try to lower your temperature by opening windows and doors or using fans or air conditioners.



  6. Buy a comfortable mattress: A high-quality mattress will provide you extreme comfort, proper back support and create an environment that’s more conducive to sleep.



Falling asleep fast can be a difficult task for you if you are under stress or anxiety which keeps you awake, leaving you changing sides in your mattress.

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