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Insomnia problems in children

Insomnia problems in children - Shinysleep

Can’t your kids sleep at night?

Are they complete restless near the bedtime? 

Using our tips, you can help your kids fall asleep easily!

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What is the ideal hours of sleep for children

Before you determine if your child has a sleep problem or disorder, it will help to understand children’s unique sleep needs. To function at their best, children and teens typically need more sleep than adults.

Following is the chart that shows how many hours of sleep according to your child’s age: 










Serious signs when your child is not getting enough sleep?

Children feel irritated all the time when they are deprived of sleep. Lack of sleep affects much of their behavior and especially the state of mind.  In a few cases, the symptoms of insufficient sleep can lead to a serious disorder like ADHD.

  • Have trouble waking up or fall back asleep after you’ve gotten them up for the day?
  • Often irritable
  • Very much over-emotional?
  • Fall asleep in the car?
  • Appear to have trouble following conversations?
  • Have trouble concentrating at school or at home?

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If these symptoms are seen in your child, then you need to take serious actions in this situation and you need to train your children how to get proper sleep.

If your child wakes up very often in the night or has trouble while settling, it could mean they’re struggling with insomnia.

The common reason for Insomnia in children

Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep in the night which results in restless sleep. 

Often, insomnia gets resolves itself over time. But if the incidents occur more than three times per week and continue for a minimum of three months then it could result in a sleep disorder. 

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If children can’t sleep at night, start analyzing their daily routine and check how they are spending their time right before going bed and then try to find what the reason of their sleepiness.

Here are some reasons why your child can’t fall or stay asleep:

  • Stress level: Children also face stress. Ask them how their school is going and how things are with their friends. Is someone bullying them among their friends, teachers or any other individual?

  • Also, consider any changes to their living environment. Sleep disturbances could result from parents’ marital problems, the arrival of a new baby, or a change in sleeping arrangements that now require a child to share a bedroom with a sibling, parent, or grandparent.
  • Caffeine intake: start cutting your children’s caffeine intake especially before bedtime.
  • Side effects of medications: Some drugs could also cause insomnia. So recheck all your children’s medications by the doctor.
  • Other medical issues: Sometimes insomnia is linked to another medical issue. It could be sleep-related, such as sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome.

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Make sure your child is receiving good regular health exams to identify any issues that could interfere with sleep.