The Link Between Mattresses & Body Pains

After a certain age, the body starts declining and the toll is taken by our joints and the back.

Due to lack of proper diet, exercise and sleep cycle our body gets more prone to body pains.

Yes, we know it’s never too late but looking at the hectic schedule even you know these changes are not coming any time soon.

So we can invest in better equipment so that we can get back to the grind guilt-free.


Did you know? A better mattress can help you to solve the body pains that you’ve been facing along with a comfortable & sweet night’s sleep.

Let’s check out how!

Sleeping on an uneven mattress can be bad for the health of your back and can increase the pain.

And if the mattress sags down, giving you sinking feels it can affect the alignment of your joints.


You should choose the one that: 

– conforms to your body perfectly

– Avoids pressure on your pain points

– is neither too soft nor too firm

– Supports your back


Back and Joint pains

The people who suffer from back or joint pains need to be careful while choosing a mattress, one bad decision can go a long way. In this case, orthopaedic mattress could be a good bet for them.


An orthopedic mattress or an ortho mattress is specially designed to provide optimal support to 

– The Joints

– The back

– and the body altogether

Derived from the study of orthopaedics, this mattress evenly spreads your body weight comforting your back and the joints

It corrects the spinal alignment to help alleviate stress on the spine and reduce overall pains.

If you are having a back or a joint pain that has been troubling you for long, this is a great deal for you.

But if you like your mattress to be super comfortable and emit the luxurious vibe we have made an up-gradation to the normal orthopaedic mattress for you.

The state-of-the-art Orthoplus mattress provides soothing comfort taking away every bit of stress that entails upon your body

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How is it better? 

Let’s bust an everlasting myth we all believe in first:

The firmer mattress is not better, it’s actually worse for your back pain.

That is why we have added a medium-soft layer of foam which has the perfect amount of firmness.

It is neither too firm to increase your body pains nor too soft to sink your body in.


Hip pain

The ones with a bad hip also need to be careful while choosing the mattress.

You need to avoid any pressure from the area which can worsen the condition.

A soft foam mattress is the best choice for you. It will take the shape of the area providing it with the support it requires.

Any age after 30 is a risky bet. You should not wait for the pains to occur if they haven’t come along yet.

Optimizing your lifestyle is a must but adding a good mattress is a thing that you cannot neglect too.


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