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Mattress Protector Buying Guide

Mattress Protector Buying Guide - Shinysleep

Oh, the yellow stain on my new mattress!

Oh, the naked bed that is exposed to the danger of allergens, dust mites and god knows what.

And oh! The daily wear & tear that reduces the health of the mattress.

Well, the last one isn’t a problem to worry about in the present but it can be harmful in the future.

Don’t worry, Mattress protector is here to solve all your troubles.

Whatever the problem is, a mattress protector will kick it away in style and save your mattress from any harm that lingers upon its skin.

For those of who you don’t know what a mattress protector is and what it does,

 A Mattress protector is….

According to Wikipedia,

A mattress protector is a sheet that sits on top of a mattress and is capable of being removed. The main reason behind the usage of a mattress

Protector is the protection it provides from the allergens and the dust particles but that is not the only thing it does:

  • Protection from everyday wear and tear that can and will reduce the life of your mattress
  • That irremovable yellow stain from your mattress, the protector will take care of that too by jumping in front of the mattress.
  • Allergens, such as dust mites and pet dander won’t be a guest to your mattress anymore
  • No more Bed bugs
  • Comfort? yep they increase the comfort of your mattress too


Already interested in buying a protector?

Wait a little, the things to look out for before buying it are on its way:

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  • It is made up of? –Although you will find mattress protectors of all types in the market, Terry Cotton Surface is the best material to look out for.


  • The terry cotton surface is a cool layer that adds up a smooth texture to your mattress and will make it even more comfortable


  • Breathability – It is the flow of air through the fabric. More the fabric is breathable the more it will be cool and comfortable.


  • Safe and easy to clean? Lookout for protectors that are easy to clean and won’t get harmed when under pressure. Precisely, the ones that are machine-washable.


  • Warranty – You don’t want to buy a new protector every time something happens to it. Look out for a protector that comes with at least 6 months of warranty. Shinysleep’s magic protector comes with 365 days of warranty.


  • That means you can enjoy a comfortable and cool surface without any worries throughout the year.


  • Hypoallergenic – Hypoallergenic in definition means, ‘devoid of any excessive allergies or relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction


  • Make sure that the protector you go for is hypoallergenic and resists all the allergens that might cause health issues.


  • Last but not the least, the Comfort – Mattress protectors will add a layer of comfort on your bedding, obviously it won’t rule out the need to buy a good mattress but if you are a person who likes comfort, a good mattress protector oughts to inch it up.

Now you are fully ready to make an informed decision.

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