Mattress Buying Considerations for Sleep Apnea patients

If you’re dealing with this Sleep Apnea, you’re probably thinking that is there’s a perfect mattress to ease your symptoms. 

In this blog, you will get all the important considerations before buying a perfect mattress for a sleep apnea patient.

Mattress type

  • Hybrid: These types of mattresses are made by combining from an innerspring base or core with memory foam or latex surface.


    • In addition, if you want an adjustable mattress, just keep in mind that not all the hybrids mattress can be used on a frame that can be adjust.                                                                                                                                                                             Read : What is Sleep Apnea

    • Memory foam: memory foam mattress is increasing its popularity in India because of its superior pressure point relief. When you lie on the mattress, especially on your side, all the weight of your shoulders and hips sink more deeply into the mattress than your other body parts and because of this you need a mattress that absorbs all your weight and provides you extreme comfort.
      If you get a low price mattress, it’ll likely to start sagging within few years and will start throwing off your body’s alignment and worsen your sleep apnea.
    • Latex: The main priority of buying a latex mattresses should be specifically natural latex mattress, not the synthetic one. The main reason for this is that natural latex is made from the sap of a rubber tree, so it’s all-natural.
      Also, It’s the main advantages are that this mattress is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and biodegradable.

  • Preventing allergies is very much crucial because it makes very easier for you to breathe during the night.

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Most people with apnea usually sleep on their sides, especially if they have a CPAP machine.

This position requires a mattress that offers proper back support, but also enough contouring to relieve all the pressure points at your hips and shoulders.

We typically recommend using a mattress with medium firmness as the mattress should be firm enough to cushion you and prevent your body from sinking too deeply into the mattress, but still soft enough to keep you comfortable and in proper alignment.

Natural or Synthetic materials

If you’ve already have breathing issues, the last thing you need to do is to buy a mattress that gives you any sort of allergies and makes breathing even more difficult. 

That’s why we recommend natural and organic materials as opposed to synthetic varieties for that particular need.

These release into the air and are linked to allergies, asthma, and respiratory conditions. 

If you’ve ever heard the term off-gassing, that’s what happens when you buy a synthetic mattress and it releases these compounds into the air.

If organic is over your budget, check the product description for something that is hypoallergenic. Allergy sources hiding in your mattress include dust mites, mold and mildew. 

While many foam and latex mattress are naturally dust mite resistant, innerspring mattresses provide a favorable breeding ground for these creatures.


This was all regarding the considerations you have to keep in mind before clicking the buy button.

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Follow the above steps and get yourself a mattress that is perfect for a sleep apnea. Patient

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