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Best Sleeping Positions for People with Hypertension

Best Sleeping Positions for People with Hypertension - Shinysleep

If you are the one that is suffering from Hypertension or commonly called high blood pressure, you have probably started making efforts to lower your blood pressure level by making little changes to your lifestyle.


As you know, sleep is a very important factor in getting relief from hypertension. Quality sleep is very much important than the quantity of sleep.


Getting a good quality sleep of around 7 to 8 hours will make a decent impact on your blood pressure level. But if the sleep is not quality, the quantity would make it worse. That’s why people who sleep more than the required time don’t get the relief they desire.


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Also, the position of your sleep is also an important factor in making a big difference in your blood pressure level and improving your overall health as well.



The connection between sleep and high blood pressure

Sleep is the body’s natural way to process to eliminate stress hormones that are known to raise blood pressure. 


Without getting enough sleep, hormone levels of the body rise which leads to inflammation which in return, can cause your blood vessels to become narrow and cause high blood pressure.



Make space for sleep in your daily schedule and avoid any temptation to think that you can catch up later when life becomes less hectic. Without making sleep a priority you cannot achieve the health you aspire.


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Making sleep a major priority will help you reduce stress, improve your health and make you tackle daily tasks in a better and faster way.


What are the best sleeping positions for Hypertension



Sleeping on the left side is the best sleeping position for a person who is suffering from hypertension as it relieves excessive pressure on the blood vessels that helps the blood to complete its circle more smoothly and with less resistance.


If you are sleeping towards your right side, these vessels may become compressed which slows down the blood circulation. 


Sleeping on your left side is also very important for pregnant women who are suffering from hypertension because the growing baby presses against the internal organs and may cause problems in blood circulation and sleeping on the left side will improve blood circulation and also helps to prevent high blood pressure.


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If you face difficulty while sleeping face down or towards your left side due to pain or other health-related problems.


Then take some advice from your doctor so that he can tell you solution of this problem and will advise you whether sleeping in another position and getting a good night’s sleep lower so that it can lower the risks of restless sleep while you are trying to sleep in the best sleeping positions for hypertension.



Take sleep seriously and make changes in your schedule accordingly that will fill the existing loopholes and will keep your body healthy.  Changes will take time and initially, it would seem to be difficult to adhere to those changes. 


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But once, you are habitual of the new schedule you will thank yourself for that. One decision can change the course of your life, so make the decision and change your habits!


The impact of it would be seen, when your body becomes healthy again!