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What is the best time to sleep at night

What is the best time to sleep at night - Shinysleep

Good sleep is a tricky thing. As there would be very few instances in which you have got a good amount of sleep and the next morning you wake up with a bright smile and positive energy.

In a person’s life, nearly 1/3 of the time is spent in sleep, enough to see the importance of sleep for people.

Why an adequate amount of sleep is important

  1. The body’s metabolism and all physiological functions are reduced during sleep, and the body is in a protectively inhibited state.


  2. It avoids excessive exhaustion of nerve cells and functional failure.


  3. It restores the tired nerves to normal physiological functions.


  4. Sleep is necessary to maintain a person’s normal immune function.


  5. Sleep is particularly important for children, as, in the growth and development of children, growth hormone is very important, and the most are secreted in the middle of the night.

Therefore, good sleep is a guarantee of high efficiency and the basis for maintaining physical strength and health. Then why you can’t get a good amount of sleep every single day? What are the side effects of not getting good sleep?


In this blog, we will answer these questions one by one, let’s starts with a side of not getting good sleep.

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Side effects of not getting good sleep

  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Weak immune system
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Heart disease

There are multiple different factors affecting sleep and the following list has all major factors that affect sleep

  1. Time of sleep


  2. Stress


  3. Sleeping pills


  4. Nicotine


  5. Jetlag


  6. Diet


  7. Lighting


  8. Body aches


  9. Tv and mobiles


  10. Alcohol


  11. Sleep environment


  12. Caffeine

One of the most crucial factors is the time of sleep, a person with an improper sleeping time faces a lot of difficulty in getting a night of adequate sleep. 

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Busy schedules and a fast-paced lifestyle are some of the reasons for this factor.


What is the best time to sleep

Most adults usually sleep the hours that make them suits best for their professional, family, and social lives and their awakening times mainly depend on the responsibilities and commitments they have.

The best time of sleep usually varies from person to person. Then how can you find the best time to sleep for yourself.

Let’s take an example to clear it out!

Firstly fix your daily schedule. If you leave your home for office at 8 am and you have to wake around 7 am.  As we know an average person needs 7-9 hours of sleep. So calculate around 8 hours back to 7 am that is around 11 pm. So try to go to bed around 11 pm every single day. So that you can get proper sleep and feel energetic in the morning unless being drowsy, tired, and frustrated.


As sleeping at the same time, each other is not an easy task because of our irregular schedule. It will take some time to make a habit of sleeping at the same time and as more you practice it, the more you master it. 

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Once you get more used to it, you will be feeling more relaxed, happy, and energetic in the morning and your daily sleeping time will become your best time to sleep as well.