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What a Side Sleeper Needs for Healthy Sleep

What a Side Sleeper Needs for Healthy Sleep - Shinysleep

There are many sleeping positions that opted by people while sleeping. One of them is side sleeping,

Sleeping on your side is one of the healthiest ways to sleep as it promotes reduces lower back pain, better spinal alignment, prevent you from snoring, and can even prevents you from symptoms of sleep apnea.

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In this blog, we will guide you information related to side sleeping which can help you to get healthy sleep.

Is Side Sleeping Healthy

People with sleep apnea can also take benefit from side sleeping as it opens the airways and alleviates sleep apnea symptoms and helps them get good amount of sleep.

However, some experts prefer to sleep on your right side as it takes undue pressure off the heart, improve acid reflux, alleviates heartburn, and improves blood pressure.

Drawbacks of Side Sleeping

As we know nothing is perfect in this world and so there is same with side sleeping. There are also some flaws with side sleeping.

Side-sleepers have a higher risk of acne breakouts because of being in consistent contact with their bedding for long period of time.

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It can also cause premature wrinkles on your one side due to sleeping with their face pressed up against the pillow, as well.

Side sleepers also have more pressure points than rest of other sleeping positions. Mainly, the pressure gets builds up on their sides which causes sore muscles and stiff joints sometimes.

What mattress Side Sleeper needs for Healthy Sleep

As a side sleeper, you should keep the following three key points in mind when mattress shopping: support, pressure relief, and spinal alignment.


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  1. Spinal Alignment: remember if you’re sleeping on your side with your arms in front of you. Your hip furthest from the mattress is rotated forward, twisting your lower back.


    To balance out your spine, you rotate your shoulder in the opposite direction of your hips while this position is comfortable, it can produce negative medical results in the future.

    Maintaining an aligned spine and pressure relief through sufficient support will improve your quality of sleep.

    Paying attention to your pelvic rotation and ensuring your spine is in alignment will reduce your risk of developing bursitis, sciatica, arthritis, and other chronic pains.

    A mattress with a plush firmness or a pillow-top will envelop the hips and shoulders and allow them to get little sink, maintaining the proper spinal alignment and healthy sleep.


  2. Pressure Point Relief: Side sleepers usually deal with accumulated pressure on one of their side. As their hips, shoulders, and ankles are major pressure points for them. Painful pressure points cause the sleeper to regularly switch from side to side which disrupt their sleep.

    If this pressure isn’t alleviated then it can lead to soreness on the lower back and cause severe sleep deprivation.

    A mattress with a soft comfort layer will encourage the pressure to spread out and alleviate pressure.

    So For getting the best sleep, side sleepers need to buy the 
    best mattresses that support their back and provide neutral spinal alignment and relieve all the pressure points.


  3. Support: You can’t maintain spinal alignment without a supportive sleeping surface.





    Side sleepers need a mattress with enough support in the hips and shoulders to prevent them from sinking too far into the mattress and keep the spine in its natural shape.

    In the hips and shoulders, a firm transitional layer will offer support and prevent the spine from arching, while the other areas of the body will receive softer support and better pressure relief.

    If you share your bed with a partner, look for a mattress with edge support to ensure you don’t roll to the middle of the bed or get “stuck.”


    Side sleepers usually need little softer mattresses; but if the mattress is so pushing their body bows, than an unhealthy spine will result in shoulder and hip pain.

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    Because side sleeping is such a popular sleep position, there are a variety of mattresses sold online that are specifically designed to side sleepers.

    When you’re searching, keep your budget and personal sleep preferences in mind, and it will help guide you towards the right mattress which will provide you good healthy sleep.

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions and read online mattress reviews during your search to make sure you’re buying the best mattress for a good night’s sleep.