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Why latex mattresses are so famous in India

Why latex mattresses are so famous in India - Shinysleep

Latex Mattresses are becoming very famous in recent times in India because of its high durability and extreme comfort.

From the past few years, latex mattresses have been considered as the primary choice for people who are looking for the utmost comfort and luxury from there mattresses. 

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Its elasticity allows the mattress to conform pleasantly according to your body shape.

Those who have used and have slept on a latex mattress told that it feels wonderfully soft at first touch, but get little firms up as your body gets settled deeper on it providing your body full support. 

A lot of people with back pain and backaches get relieves after using a latex mattress. 

Latex provides proper conforms to your body than the memory foam mattress.

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Latex Mattresses are Eco-Friendly

Most of the Latex mattress is made up of biodegradable material. They avoid harsh chemicals and that is why latex mattresses are ecofriendly.

Where Does Natural Latex Come From?

Latex is an organic material that is made from the Sap of the rubber tree because it’s natural, there’s minimal off-gassing and it also possesses elasticity. 

Which Latex Mattress is Right for Me?

Main things consider while you are looking to buy a Latex mattress are mattress life, firmness, and sleep positions.

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Always try to go with the mattress that has at least a 5-year warranty. You should have a mattress that is firm or soft according to your requirements.

Even if the mattress you are thinking of buying is not firm or soft to your liking, ensure the mattress is designed to fit your body and sleeping positions. 

How Is Synthetic Latex Different from Natural Latex?

Not all latex mattresses are 100% natural. Synthetic latex can be made using various materials, but usually, synthetic latex is made from SBR plastic which is commonly used as a substitute for natural rubber.

A synthetic mattress is not that much durable as the all-natural latex mattress and doesn’t have the same springiness to it as many people are looking for in a natural latex mattress.

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The latex mattress is very comfortable


A big reason that makes Latex foam mattresses so popular it that they are highly comfortable.

Also, the latex mattress is springy and provides contour to the body.

Latex mattresses are ideal for sleepers who don’t sleep in one position and move a lot while sleeping.


Benefits of Latex Mattresses

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Extremely comfortable
  3. Naturally cool(doesn’t trap unwanted heat)
  4. Durable(can last for a very long time)


Latex Mattresses Cost

Latex mattresses are one of the most expensive mattresses. As their Upfront cost can be a barrier for some.

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The cost of latex mattresses varies greatly depending on brand and size, but the comfort it provides is just priceless. 


As one can’t buy a mattress every single day so it’s better to spend a few more bucks and buy one latex mattress and then take full use of it and don’t worry for buying a new mattress for long 5 to 10 years.