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Things to keep in mind while buying fiber pillow

Things to keep in mind while buying fiber pillow - Shinysleep

The right pillow is as important as the right mattress for a good night’s sleep. If you want your head to be in perfect position while sleeping you need a good pillow so that you can stay comfortable throughout the night. 

A bad pillow can cause excessive neck pain and backaches. The right pillow may differ from one person to the other as one pillow might be ideal for one and might not be ideal for another person.

Right pillow selection depends on your personal preferences and also on your sleeping position.


How comfortable is the fiber pillow?

Although this kind of pillow has high elasticity, due to the large compression space of the down, the pressure on the head and neck will not be too obvious. 

This kind of pillow is suitable for people with a healthy cervical spine, or people who are used to sleeping with a fluffy pillow.

How to choose fiber pillow

Following are the key points that will help you get ideal fiber pillow for yourself:

  1. Anti-allergy: it is recommended to choose cotton fabrics, not to say that cotton is more comfortable, but that some women’s facial skin is sensitive muscle.
  2. Size: Fiber pillows usually come in multiple sizes. You can choose the size of your pillow according to your bed size. Bending the pillow will damage and degrade its material. To avoid bending your fiber pillows.
  3. Firmness: Finding the right pillow firmness for you is all about your personal choice. As we know, the pillow will lose its firmness after a certain time.
  4. Sleep position: sleeping position plays a crucial role in selecting an ideal fiber pillow:

Following are major sleeping positions:

  • Back position: Back-sleepers should go for a pillow that properly supports the upper part of your backbone. As you should want a pillow that provides natural curvature to your head, neck, shoulders, and spine.
  • Side position: If you are a side sleeper, then you must need to make sure that your spine stays horizontal. This is where the right pillow helps you out. The right pillow for a side-sleeper will always keep your head and neck right in line with your spine, with evenly distributed weight.
  • Stomach position: Stomach-sleepers should opt pillow that is flat and soft and it will prevent your head or neck from turning unnaturally to either of your sides.


In fact, pillows are still very important in bedding. Many people, especially the elderly, are particularly apt to ignore this. 

Fiber pillow is one of the most recommended pillows for regular use, comfort, and softness. It is also having a relatively long lifespan. If you still have any doubts regarding fiber pillow, let us know, we will love to answer them.