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5 possible causes of lower back pain

5 possible causes of lower back pain - Shinysleep

In today’s date, Lower back pain is a very common clinical symptom.

It is mainly pain on one or both sides of the waist. It can often radiate to the legs and is often accompanied by external sensations or internal injuries.

There are many causes of lower back pain. In addition to motor system diseases and trauma, diseases of other organs can also cause low back pain. Such as urinary inflammation or stones, pregnancy, lumbar radiculitis, and some abdominal diseases can all cause back pain. 

Lower back pain causes can be treated with surgery and non-surgical treatment. Non-surgical methods can use drugs and local closed treatment; surgical treatment should strictly grasp the indications.

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Lower Back Pain Causes

  1. Waist skin rash: The sebaceous glands in the waist skin are actually abundant, and most of them are easily blocked, so the incidence of sebaceous gland inflammation is very high. When dermatitis occurs in multiple skins on the waist, it will cause lower back pain.


  2. Lumbar muscle strain: The lower layer of the skin is the lumbar muscles. When the muscles maintain a high-intensity working state, the strain will occur in lumbar muscles. Whether standing for a long time, sitting for a long time, or maintaining a bent state, will actually cause lumbar muscle strain, and many people have this situation. Most people have lower back pain because of lumbar muscle strain.


  3. Urinary stones: Urinary stones, especially ureteral stones and kidney stones, can cause severe lower back pain, or faint pain in the lower back. This is because the stones cause scraping of the kidneys and ureteral walls and the causes of the inflammation. Most patients with kidney stones suffer from lower back pain issues.


  4. The pain involved: In many cases, pain in our internal organs or other parts of the organs can cause pain in other parts. Other internal organs can sometimes cause lower back pain.


  5. Tumor: Most tumors that occur in the spine usually start in another part of the body and after that metastasize to the spine.

The most common tumors that cause lower back pain, first start spreading cancer in the breast, kidney, lung or thyroid after that spread to the spine.

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How to get relief from lower Back pain

As in most cases, a huge part of the lower back pain hurts. If it is not relieved in time, the patient may have adverse results. 

Now let’s understand how to get relief of lower back pain.

  1. Massage the waist: For lower back pain, acupressure can be used to relieve the pain. If you feel pain in your waist, you can stand up and gently massage your lower back muscles with both hands and fists, every half an hour, 5-8 minutes each time. It can have a good effect on soothing pain, but it is only suitable for lumbar muscles Strainer.


  2. Analgesics: When the pain cannot be relieved due to other reasons, the doctor will give analgesics according to the patient’s situation.


  3. Shake your legs: Standfirst, use the healthy side leg to maintain the weight, relax the affected side leg, hold the palm behind the thigh and hold it, and then shake the leg muscles left and right, about 1 to 2 minutes.


This can be shaken several times a day, which can relieve lower back pain.