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What is the correct way of back sleeping

What is the correct way of back sleeping - Shinysleep

Are you a back sleeper? Or trying to find the correct way of sleeping on your back then you are in the right place.

Very fewer amount people sleep on their backs globally. Sleep experts estimate that only 7 to 8 percent of people in this world are back sleepers.

Also, some sleep experts say that back sleeping is the best sleeping position and there are several reasons why sleeping on your back could be a great idea.

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As back sleeping provides health and cosmetic benefits but how can you train yourself to start sleeping on your back? 

You may find it hard after years of side sleeping or stomach sleeping. But you can retrain yourself to start back sleeping with a little practice and dedication.


Following are some key steps that will allow you to start back sleeping correctly :

1. Lay down flat on your bed: for becoming a back sleeper, simply start laying down flat on your back. Put your head and neck in a neutral position and avoid any type of twisting of your body parts. Don’t allow your face and head to one side or move your legs to the right or left.

Most probably, you will need to experiment with a few back sleeping positions to find out which one is best for you and make you feel most comfortable.

Goalpost position: In this position you need to raise your arms up towards your head to create a sort-of football goal post shape.

Soldier position: In this position, you have to place your arms straight down by your side.

Starfish position: in this position, you have to stretch your arms and legs in such a way that it creates a formation of “X”.

For the majority of people, the starfish posture is extremely comfortable but the only problem with this position is that it required a lot of bed space and if you share a bed with a partner, a queen size may not be large enough.   

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2. Your head should be slightly raised: Another crucial tip for comfortable back sleeping is to use a pillow while sleeping so that your head is slightly raised. You can also place pillows under your arms for more support and comfort to your body.

Note: Don’t elevate your head too high using multiple pillows and also don’t leave it too flat. Both can lead to unnatural spinal alignment, which can caused neck pain.

3.Place a Pillow beneath Your Knees: for a beginner back sleeper, back sleeping can cause discomfort to your lower back and can result in some unwanted pain or pressure. For dealing with this problem, you need to simply put a pillow under your knees and experience the relief as it will feel much better and your discomfort will starting fading in a few days.

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4. Mild stretching before going to sleep: Another way to alleviate your lower back pain or pressure is by doing light stretching before going to the bed. As a lot of people have a lot of sitting during the day which causes hip flexors and also can tighten their hamstrings.Practicing a yoga posture called the pigeon pose can help you get rid of this tight hamstrings a hip flexor.

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It can definitely take some time for your body to adjust itself and comfortable for back sleeping. 

Be persistent and keep trying. If you find yourself rolling over, just shift back to your back as quickly as possible and keep trying again and again. Eventually, you will get the habit of sleeping on your back and will master back sleeping.