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Is Sleep Quality more Important than Sleep Quantity?

Is Sleep Quality more Important than Sleep Quantity? - Shinysleep

Do you remember the last time when you slept for more than 10 hours and woke up feeling tired? 

Wait, that shouldn’t be correct? 

Sleeping less and being tired would have made more sense.

That is completely true, but a full sleep which is not of optimal quality can leave you drowsy and tired as well.

Before answering the question let us establish first, what we mean by sleep quality

Quality sleep means a consistent, flawless sleep that leaves no strain of sleep inertia or prolonged drowsiness once you wake up.


The factors that define a sleep as a quality are: 
  • Waking up no more than once during the entire resting period.
  • Falling asleep in less than half an hour
  • No sleep inertia after waking up
  • Sleeping at least 90 per cent of the time while in bed

These were the factors that make up for a quality sleep, now let’s look at the points that make it more important than sleep quantity:

Quality sleep makes up for the overall health of your body, just resting in the bed for 7-8 hours won’t nourish your body with relaxation and comfort. The number of hours of sleep suitable for a normal human is 7-8, but if you can manage only 6 with assuring the quality of the same, it might be better for you than a prolonged less quality sleep.


A higher number is not better 

If you think sleeping more is better for your body, then you could not be more wrong.

In fact, sleeping more than an adequate requirement can actually be bad for your health.

You will be drowsy all day and lose productivity.


Lack of quality sleep can have the following consequences : 

  • You will have bad mood all-day
  • You will be exposed to serious physical and mental problems in the long run including a bad immune system and heart diseases.
  • The toll of lack of quality sleep will be taken by your skin
  • You will not have a productive day ahead

Even if you can assist yourselves with quality power naps in between the day along with a flawless 6-hour sleep, you will find it very easy to cruise through your power-packed day

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What can you do to ensure you have quality sleep? 

Having a good sleeping environment, a cool and dark environment stimulates quality sleep

If your mattress or the pillows are not comfortable or have been saggy, change them immediately. A good comfy mattress will help you get better sleep as you won’t wake up too often.

Do regular exercise, a workout will help you get more oxygen and clear your mind off things that restrict quality sleep

Don’t have any caffeine intake before late evening

Maintain a proper sleep schedule, good habits go a long way.

Use a sleep tracker if you have trouble sleeping and are unable to figure out why

Now you must have been aware of why quality sleep is indispensable. We keep updating our content so that you can always have a satisfied and shiny sleep  Check out the shinysleep’s latest content additions.