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Stiff Neck After Sleeping: Try These Simple Remedies

Stiff Neck After Sleeping: Try These Simple Remedies - Shinysleep

Waking up to the minimal movement and stiff neck cannot be fun.

It’s one of the most undesirable ways to begin your day.


The restriction of the neck movement can be caused by a number of reasons,

– Bad body movements while sleeping

– Bad sleeping position

– the usage of uncomfortable bed

– Imperfect pillow type


Don’t remember what went wrong?

Don’t worry, it can be easily corrected by incorporating some remedies :


1. Massage it –

Applying coconut oil to the pained area and massaging it can help you by relieving the pain.

– The oil will loosen the tightened muscles and help reduce the inflammation


2. Stretching:


Stretching your neck after waking up with stiffness will route the blow flow towards inflammation.

– You could try moving it side to side or up and down as if you are nodding

– or you could just expose your neck to some revolutions, bringing your ear towards the shoulders.

– Try these exercises as per comfort, if you feel it painful, you could stop.


3) Ice cold or Soothing heat:

Both coolness and warmth can help ease the stiffness and neck pain

– Put on some ice after waking up to release the pain and the swelling.

-The application time should be restricted to 15 minutes at a time


How to get a stiff neck rectified with heat?

– Heat therapy is aimed at relaxing the muscles that have been strained in the process.

– A warm shower or a hot water bottle will do the trick

– Performing the above will help you get rid of the swelling and the pain altogether.

Wouldn’t it be good if this problem didn’t arise in the first place?

Let’s now move on to the section which contains the preventive measures:

What can be done to prevent this in the first place?

As we noted above, there is a lot that can go wrong when it comes to a stiff neck due to sleeping.

Although it can be corrected, prevention is always better than cure.

Here are some ways to prevent it:

1) The sleeping position –

The sleeping position has a lot to do when it comes to a stiff neck. We all are different when it comes to sleeping positions, but the ones who prefer sleeping on their stomach might be making it difficult for their neck.

Sleeping on the stomach makes your neck muscles sore leading to a stiff neck the next morning.

Read: 6 Things stomach sleepers should look for in a mattress.


2) Optimizing your sleeping environment:

– A mattress which is too firm or a pillow which is too uncomfortable can cause stiffness.

– You should go for a medium-soft mattress which will provide you with a decent comfort without straining the muscles of your neck.

– Want to experience luxury comfort without hurting any of your muscles? Check out the ortho plus mattress!


A medium-soft mattress accompanied by a comfy pillow can make the day for you. Not only will you do your neck all sorts of favours, but you also won’t be hurting your back in the long run.

These were the preventive measures and the remedies you should keep in mind before sleeping and if you wake up with a stiff neck.

Have a shiny sleep!