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How to make the most of your night sleep time?

How to make the most of your night sleep time? - Shinysleep

Humans need sleep. Infact, if we are really dumbing down on this, all living organisms need night sleep time to recharge themselves.

Remember? when you leave the bed with a big wide smile on your face, your arms stretching out to their max capacity, and your mind alert from the moment you open your eyes– That’s what a super-fresh person looks like after an 8-hour refreshing recharge. You look like a kid who has finished his nap, and is ready for an electrifying day of wandering around and messing up the house. All in all, you are ready.


That doesn’t happen everyday, does it? And you have tried like, all sorts of stuff. A coffee to recharge you in the morning, healthy breakfast, exercise. But nothing happened

Now you have that look on your face, “GOD! What not I’d give up for this?” There might be a reason for it.

To unbox that reason–We would have to look a couple steps backwards.

Things to do before night sleep time–

Avoid Any forms of caffeine late in the day

Office work too tiring? Drink some tea or coffee with your lunch. Instead of gulping a mug of coffee with cigarette puffs late in the day. It’ll help you save those 15 minutes and wind up the work early.

Dinner?– lighter than air

Well not literally. But, don’t stuff yourself up by doubling down on shahi paneer and cheese naans. Keep it light. A couple chapatis with a bowl of dal and subzi, should be fine. And if you are still hungry after that, then take the hint. Change your habits.

Things to avoid to stay healthy

Avoid any form of exercise– few hours before you wind up your day.

Exercise during dark is not a healthy way to go. Physical activity can stimulate your nervous system and raise your heart rate too much, affecting sleep. It will be difficult to fall asleep, and even harder to maintain the consistency and quality of sleep.

Now, let’s look at what can be done right before night sleep time?

Your room– Cool & Dark, is the new comfy & cosy.

Switch off the lights, and bring down the thermostat. Or just remove anything that’s too warm or bright. Many sleep experts believe it to be the number one cause behind bad sleep.

Try using shades, curtains, or blinds to block unwanted light.

After sorting the ‘where you sleep’, check the ‘on what’

It’s needless to say, the equipment used in any activity determines the overall quality of it. The same is the case with your sleep. If you sleep on something hard and unsupporting to your body, you’ll lose most of your sleep. And end up tossing & turning or waking up in the middle of the night, hope for the sun to rise.

Invest in better pillows and mattresses. You’d thank yourself every night, when you sleep relaxingly on a soft cloud-like mattress that feels like a giant hug.

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