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How to sleep better at night? – 7 science-backed tips

How to sleep better at night? – 7 science-backed tips - Shinysleep

How many times have you opened google to search “ How to sleep better at night?”, but passed out on the keyboard in the middle of the day? 

And now you’ve come to this blog hoping to find something so that you cannot miss important hours of the day drooling over the keyboard.

Finally, you’ve come to the right place. We have a team of sleep experts working constantly with our writing team to put out the best possible stuff that can actually give you some answers.

Let’s start, shall we. Dig a little deeper into what you can do to sleep better at night?

Our brains work on two major processes that lead to the state of sleep: Sleep drive and circadian rhythms. It’s essential to feed your body with a sufficient amount of sleep drive. Proportionally, your brain memory will remain active as long as your sleep is not getting deprived.

Researchers said that You might get control of your hunger, but it’s impossible to stop the craving for getting enough sleep. The brain’s biological clock controls circadian rhythms. These rhythms help in maintaining the sleep-wake cycle, and that’s how you can sleep better at night naturally.

What happens when you get sleep-deprived?

  • Mood and behavioral changes
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Lack of concentration
  • Productivity loss
  • Improper Digestion, and loss of appetite, and many more.

Improper routine practices that lead you to lousy sleep

  • Over workload
  • Bad dietary habits
  • Improper Alcohol consumption
  • Over screen-time

According to a recent survey by the National Sleep Foundation, 72% of the people who responded felt unrefreshed, and 50% were, on the other hand, woke up too early, and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Now, you know why it’s essential to understand how to sleep well at night.

Tips that help to sleep better at night

Seven simple steps to help you sleep better at night: 

Proper Dietary habits

You need to keep up the balance in your life by maintaining proper dietary habits. Following a diet-chart might be a hard pill to swallow, but making minor changes in your routine, such as keeping yourself hydrated, avoiding alcohol at night, overeating, and consuming caffeine late at night, might answer your problem of how to get good sleep.

Stress Management Practices: Meditation


It’s said that Meditation is the cure of all.  

Including Meditation in your daily practice can help you overcome many-body and mind-related problems.

Consulting a trainer might efficiently help you more.

Follow your biological clock(What works for you)

From your childhood, you must have observed that you were sleeping well.

And digging more into the childhood activities, you should replicate it into your adulthood in such a way to know your biological clock. It helps you to sleep most efficiently.

Do not sleep excess

Studies say that if you sleep excess(sleep apnea), it’s more likely that you’re suffering from obesity, depression, or harmful drinking practices.

To avoid this state, try to involve yourself in physical activities such as jogging, playing some sport, etc. Having proper dietary habits might help you more.

Do not consume caffeine before you go to bed

Caffeine is the type of stimulant that stimulates alertness, and dopamine levels in your body at an unnatural level. Due to this, when you are actually tired and you need sleep to activate your body at the biological level, instead due to over workload or hustle culture, intake of caffeine regenerates activeness in your body. In the end, you feel pumped up and start working. Instead, you can go for Power naps that can help you remain active naturally.

Your Mattress matters

Doctors mostly recommend changing mattresses whenever a person is suffering from sleep problems. The type of mattress really matters when it comes to how to get good sleepShinysleep brought you a range of mattresses that help you sleep well at night with comfort and ease.

Medication is required in severe cases.

 Several diseases such as severe depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Heart-related problems, Obesity, etc., may require doctors’ consultancy and proper medication. Such conditions can also lead you to sleep-related issues. However, such situations are curable when properly taken care of.

Bonus: Are you aware of your sleep scale?

The sleep scale is the measure of your sleep health. You can determine your sleep scale, by taking up the ESS test on your own. Take time to take this test and know accordingly.

This might help you know better about your sleep cycle and can lead you to sleep better nights.

Final Word


Night’s sleep is super-important and taking measures to better it– even more important. Follow the tips mentioned in the article religiously to not miss the important hours of the day. Also, share it with your friends at work who use keyboards as headrests.