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Which Mattress is Good for Health in India - Shinysleep

Which Mattress is Good for Health in India - Shinysleep - Shinysleep

Sleep is an essential part of health, and it's important to have restored and even sleep. It has a direct impact on our mental and physical health as disturbed sleep can create body pain and irritated mood which leads to a stressful day. Mattress plays a huge role in creating a better sleep environment to have a restored sleep. But different people may have different priorities such as some people are looking for good support while others go for good comfort to enjoy a relaxed sleep.

Some features can be kept in Mind Before Selecting a Mattress for Good Health  :

 Medium-firm Comfort: It is also recommended by doctors to go for medium-firm mattresses specifically for orthopedic patients as it helps in providing better support to the spine. It also helps in relieving back or neck pain as it can provide better sleep position which will lead to proper spine alignment while sleeping.

High-quality material: It is important to check the quality of material used in the manufacturing of the mattress. Both primary and secondary material i.e. the foam as well as fabrics should be of high quality to enjoy better comfort and support.

Good build: It refers to different layers of foam used to provide support and comfort. If a mattress has different layers it means the mattress is well-built. As some manufacturers use good foam only in the top layer which will start providing you discomfort after a short period of time.

 Reviews: It's important to check the product reviews and get an idea from the actual users of how well the mattress will perform or whether it fits your requirement or not.

There are different types of mattresses available in the market, and it's difficult to determine which type of mattress is suitable for you. But it also provides a great variety to choose from, and offline stores usually have limited variety with outdated technology, so it's better to check the options online that actually benefit your health and provides a good comfort level.

 Here are some of the mattresses which are quite popular and beneficial for providing a healthy sleep environment.

Foam mattress: Foam mattresses are generally of three types — PU foam mattress, memory foam mattress, and bonded foam mattress or a combination of all. All three types of foam mattresses are made from carbon compounds. Hence, all-foam mattresses are synthetic in nature.

 Memory foam mattress molds according to body shape from the body heat providing good back support to the spine and gives a comfortable feeling. It is suitable for people with back or joint problems. PU foam brings softness to the mattress and is not a great option to go for if used individually whereas a bonded foam provides hardness so that the mattress will not sag.

It is always advisable to buy a mattress with a combination of different layers of foam to get maximum support and people with ortho problems should not go for mattresses that are too soft as it can increase the problem and gives a sinking feeling to users.

 Spring mattress: Spring mattresses are usually of two types: Bonnell Pocket spring in which all the springs are interconnected and work as one unit to reduce pressure and Pocket spring mattress in which all springs work independently and provide support where the pressure is applied. It doesn't create any partner disturbance even if one tosses and turns during the night. But spring mattress is a good option for people who are looking for comfort only because it is not able to provide good spine support due to its bounciness.

 Latex mattress: One of the most popular mattresses is a latex mattress and is considered best if you are really concerned about your health. Latex is milk or rubber-like substance derived from rubber tree sap. It provides medium-soft comfort. It provides excellent support to the spine and body and its antibacterial making it the best option for people suffering from allergies or skin reactions. Not only that, but it provides an odor-free environment and comes with long life.

As we can see the mattress selection basically depends on your priorities or requirements. If you are looking for a healthy mattress then obviously latex is the best choice, but it is expensive and not everyone can go with latex, and it doesn't mean that other mattresses are bad. So you can go for other options as well, for instance, If you have back pain issues or spine problems then you can choose a medium-firm memory foam mattress that supports your spine and gives comfort as well. If you want luxurious comfort and want a soft and bubbly mattress then go for pocket spring. Set your budget and requirements and choose the mattress accordingly.