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Characteristics of a latex mattress?

Characteristics of a latex mattress? - Shinysleep

Latex mattresses are specially designed to offer luxurious comfort, superior support and to also sooth pressure point relief.

The thickness and firmness of latex mattresses can be completely customized as they are best for all kinds of sleepers: back, side, and stomach.

Following are a list of characteristics of a Latex Mattress

  • Superior Support: It is one of the most important factor in the list of top characteristics of latex mattress.

    The supportive structure of the latex mattress helps the user to align his/her spine and relieves painful body parts by minimizing pressure points. It ensures that the body has the best possible chance of pain relief for comfortable sleep.

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  • Body-contouring: Latex mattress has an un-matchable ability to provide proper contour to the body because of its resilience and shape-sustaining properties. The foam of the latex mattress will compress under your hips and shoulders. Additionally, it will extend the support towards the waist and legs.
    The latex mattress provides more contours to your shape with every move you make than memory foam mattress by creating a surface with quicker reaction time.
  • Hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial: The surface of the latex foam mattress is fully impermeable to dust mites and also discourages any type of mold and mildew. If you have allergies, even mild allergies, a latex mattress can provide you medical aid and relief which you need to get a good night’s sleep.

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    These all properties make latex foam mattress anti-microbial and a poor living surface for all types of bacteria, helping latex foam remain hygienic for a very long period of time.

  • Beneficial for medical complaints: Whether you suffer from back problems or chronic pain, a latex mattress can significantly improve your quality of sleep by providing proper support and comfort.


  • Temperature regulating: The same open cell structure of the latex mattress makes it regulate body temperature while you sleep, allowing air flow and promote temperature neutrality.
    This natural ventilation helps you sleep well. Some research has found that latex mattress promotes well-regulated skin temperature which leads to increased comfort and deeper sleep.

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  • Resilient: The natural structure of latex mattress compresses and then immediately springs back into its original shape and helps in creating the surface of mattress soft but supportive for a long period of time.


  • Eco-friendly: A natural latex mattress is made using biodegradable materials which means it can be produced without using any type of petrochemicals or synthetic materials that pollutes the environment. A lot of latex mattresses are manufactured at the site of the rubber tree estate which minimizes the expense of shipping.
  • Long-lasting: Natural latex is very much durable and that credits go to its bouncy resiliency.  The right foundation of the mattress prevents sagging, so there’s no need to flip a latex mattress.
    The “luxury” of an all-natural botanical latex mattress is actually very good and essential for your health and its eco friendliness is good for the environment, and also good for your wallet.

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These were the top characteristics of a latex mattress. A Latex Mattress is an excellent choice as it can help you sleep better and live better and also good for the environment.