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6 things stomach sleepers should look for in a mattress

6 things stomach sleepers should look for in a mattress - Shinysleep

Around 16 percent of people on earth are Stomach sleepers. By turning your back to the rest of the sleeping world may be affecting your joints and sleep quality more than you think.

As we know, stomach sleepers face more sleep issues than side or back sleepers. 

But if you love to sleep on your stomach sleeper, then there is no reason that you can’t find a perfect mattress for yourself. You just have to know what and how to look for it.

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Getting an ideal mattress of stomach sleepers can be a little task in some cases.

Following key factors should be considered to get the ideal mattress for stomach sleepers

Edge Support: The importance of edge support may not directly affect all stomach sleepers, but it’s very important for couples as they are sharing a bed and also for those that like to sleep on the edge of the bed.

A mattress with edge support remains firm and supportive around the corners of the mattress which allows edge sleepers comfortable feel.

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Spinal Support: stomach-sleeper mattresses made of high build quality properly positioned your head and stomach while supporting your neck and pelvis at the same time. 



This keeps the spine in a straight line and allows the rest of your body to relax fully tension-free. 


On the other hand, the wrong mattress will increase joint and back pain and will keep you awake throughout the night.

The ideal mattress for stomach sleepers is one that holds its shape and form. It should also support spinal alignment for a long period of time.

Adequate Firmness: Firmness can be one of the most important factors to consider while buying ideal mattresses for stomach sleepers. 

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For that, you need a very precise level of firmness which will keep your body from sinking too deep into the mattress and forming a bow like shape. As bow-like shape causes discomfort and body ache in the morning. 

Responsivity: A responsive mattress moves with you and responds to your body every time you change position

Highly bouncy mattresses are usually super responsive and adapt to your movements instantly.

Stomach sleepers need a mattress with more responsivity because they tend to shift their legs and usually change their head position often at night.

A mattress with high responsivity will enable easy movement while sleeping to stomach sleeper.

Cooling Comfort: as stomach sleeper “hug” their mattresses, they tend to trap more heat compared to other sleepers. A stomach sleeper’s body temperature can eventually rise enough to disturb them while sleeping.

This sudden waking interrupts the sleep cycle, leading to restless nights and tiredness in the morning. So you should look for a mattress that promotes good airflow and efficiently disperses heat and promote temperature neutrality.

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Pressure Point Relief: A mattress which provides proper pressure relief won’t just release the tension off your neck and spine, but also promote healthy hips, shoulders, and other joints. 

This is very much important for stomach sleepers, as your hips and shoulders can rest in an awkward position sometimes. Pressure relief is provided by proper contour support. Contour support is the ability to fit according to your body shape.


These are all the 6 things that every perfect mattress for stomach sleepers should have.

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