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Best Mattress for Back Pain in India

Best Mattress for Back Pain in India - Shinysleep

If you searching for Best Mattress for Back Pain in India, then you are the right place.


Mattress decides your sleep as a good one will keep you fresh and relief from body pressure, free from back pain and on the other side bad one will cause more pain in the back and disturbs your sleep.

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A lot of people usually wake up in the night due to frequent back pain.

What causes back pain?

Back pain has many different causes but in the majority of cases, it is caused because of the constant strain in your spine. 

This could be because of lifting heavy objects, or because of sudden twists or movements in your spine. Some medical causes like sciatica, arthritis, or even osteoporosis could also be the reason for back pain in India.

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And the last one but the most important one – a bad mattress.

If your mattress doesn’t provide adequate support to your body parts and doesn’t keep your spine straight, it can cause back pain.

Why to choose the best mattress for back pain

Average human being spends about one-third of the day sleeping on the mattress and its quality is determined by support and comfort it provides to your body especially back.

Hence, choosing the best mattress for your back is very important for getting good quality sleep.

A good mattress for your back pain is the one that caters to the natural curvature of the spine and keeps your spine healthy.

When you should replace your mattress

If these following signs are happening with you, then you need to replace your mattress with the new one:

  1. When you are in constant back pain from 1-2 weeks Your mattress is causing you allergies like sneezing, itching, constant running noses and coughing. 
  2. When you wake up feeling tired and restless in the morning. 
  3. Unable to sleep especially when you suddenly wake in the very early hours. 

What qualities does the best mattress for back pain in India has


There are many qualities that the best mattress for back pain should have, but the most important are: Support, Conforming Ability and Firmness.

  1. Support: A good mattress for back pain should provide the best support to the back and should keep the spine straight otherwise it will worsen your back pain issues. 
  2. Conforming ability: The conforming ability of a mattress refers to how well the mattress can adjust itself according to the contours of your body. If your entire body is well supported by the mattress, it means your mattress surely has a good conforming ability.
    The lack of conforming ability in a mattress can also deny any type of support to your body part especially shoulders and hips, ultimately causing discomfort.
  3. Firmness: The mattress with medium firmness is the ideal choice and primary characteristic of the best mattress for back pain as it provides support to the back and soft enough to conform to the contours of the body.

Best category of mattress type in India

  1. Memory foam mattress: Memory foam mattress has an edge over other mattress types because of its brilliant conforming ability. 
  2. Orthopedic mattress: The orthopedic mattress is specially designed in such a way that it supports the backbone, joint and rest of the body. These firm mattresses cater to targeted support on certain parts of the body which nullifies the problems which people experience due to a bad back or joint pain.

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  3. Latex mattress: This type of mattress uses latex, which is made using the sap from the rubber tree. Natural Latex mattress is eco-friendly and biodegradable. A latex mattress provides luxury experience while using it and that’s why are a little expensive than other mattress types.

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