How to choose a mattress for single bed

A good night’s sleep is one of the most beautiful experiences in this world as it makes you more energetic and joyful the next morning to take up the challenges of the day.

Getting a good quality sleep depends a lot on the mattresses you use as backache is the not last thing that you want to have when you wake up in the morning.

As in this blog, we will be going to talk about a single bed mattress. 

Now the questions arise, how do you choose the best single bed mattress in India?

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Buying a good quality mattress is not as easy as you think because you have to keep a lot of things in your mind before you deciding the ideal single bed mattress for your home.

What is Single Bed Mattress

A single bed mattress is a kind of bed mattress that is specially designed to accommodate only a single person that means only a single person can comfortably sit or sleep on it.

Single bed mattresses are comparatively small in size and it is usually preferred buying single bed mattresses for their kids and it is also a primary choice for bachelors.

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Benefits of single bed mattress

  • Single bed mattresses are compact and thus is space-saving.
  • These mattresses are very affordable.
  • Single bed mattresses are also very comfortable for people who are sleeping single.

What should you look for while buying a single bed mattress?

You have to consider various aspects such as size, thickness, durability, conforming ability, providing support, and many more while you are looking to buy a single bed mattress.

Following are the key aspects that you should consider before buying a single bed mattress:

  1. Support: Good back support of the mattress is its ability to provide an even surface to align the spine and the pelvis and provide adequate support to the back.
    A good mattress prevents any type of sinking beneath the heavier parts of the body. 
  2. Conforming ability of the mattress: The mattress should conform to the sleeper’s body to help align the spine. It also prevents pressure points from developing.  
  3. The thickness of the mattress: The thickness of the mattress is an essential aspect. Usually, most of the mattresses are at least 6 inches thick. Your body weight is also a very crucial factor that determines the depth of your mattress.
    If you are a little heavy in weight, you would naturally feel comfortable on thicker beds and similarly, people with lightweight prefer shorter beds. 


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  4. The firmness of the mattress depends: People who tend to sleep on their side prefer to have softer mattresses whereas those who sleep on their back or stomach opt for a heavier and firmer mattress. Thus, we can conclude that the softer mattresses are the best choice for side sleepers whereas the firmer ones are the ideal for stomach sleepers.

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  5. Durability: normally a single bed mattress lasts from 5 to 10 years. However, a lot depends on the composition of the materials that go into the manufacturing of your single bed mattress.


So this was our blog on “How to choose a mattress for single bed” in which we have covered all the important considerations and factors.

If you are still having any doubts let us know, we will love to answer them.

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