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Sleep Problems During Covid 19

Sleep Problems During Covid 19 - Shinysleep
We all know that how badly the Covid-19 pandemic affects our physical and mental health. People stuck at their home all day with no major outing or meetings with their friends or family that has adversely affected their mental health. This results in reduced sleep quality and creating sleep problems even though there is an increase in bedtime hours. People stop caring about their physical health and fitness and start devoting their time to devices or laptops that affect their sleep quality a lot.
Your body can face adverse effect due to lack of sleep in the following ways:

Affect memory power: Sleep has a direct connection with brain functions and lack of sleep will affect the memory power, and you will find it difficult to remember and access new information. Because good sleep is important to form memories so that they can be recalled in the future and it can affect your decision power or judgment.

Mood swings:
Lack of sleep  or improper sleep can lead to making you feel irritated and aggressive very easily which will spoil your entire day's work and can cause major problems like depression or anxiety and this will further lead to respiratory problems as well because tension or anxiety can cause heavy breathing and your blood pressure may also increase which is not good for health.

Can cause accidents: Chances of accidents also increase as drowsiness can reduce the concentration power. Lack of concentration can lead to problematic situations.

Affect immune system: Lack of sleep can also affect your immune system as your body won't be able to fight germs or bacteria which will increase your chances of getting sick. Along with that it also affects your recovery rate as it will take time to recover and the frequency of getting sick also tends to rise.

Heart Problems: Poor sleep can lead to unhealthy habits like an increase in stress level, no motivation to do physical activity, or eating unhealthy food that can adversely affect your health. Doctors also suggested that people with a good sleeping schedule tend to get fewer heart problems in comparison to the people who sleep late at night.

Affect Bodyweight: Improper sleep can affect your body weight as your brain is not able to send signals properly. Depression and anxiety caused due to lack of sleep will lead you to eat more even if you are full. According to health experts, it can also affect your hunger hormones, and you will crave more foods. Apart from eating more, your physical activities also reduce due to more fatigue which will lead to obesity or weight gain.

As we have seen how harmful it is to keep your sleep at stake and how badly poor sleep can affect your health. From physical to mental health all depend on good sleep and nobody wants to play with their health. So, it is important to contribute to good sleep and make some changes in daily routine like setting a sleep time or exercise that can lead to good sleep. Upgrading to a new mattress and pillows proves also helpful, and you can easily Comfort mattresses online as many brands offer good quality and comfort at affordable prices.