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What kind of mattress is good for the lumbar spine

What kind of mattress is good for the lumbar spine - Shinysleep

In today’s world, back pain has become very common. From Teenagers to adults a huge majority is suffering from back pain problems. When you go to see a doctor, the advice you often get is: sleep on a hard bed! So some people went home to remove the mattress, put a thin layer of sheets on the bed and fell asleep, thinking that this is the doctor’s advice!

We often hear that it is healthier to sleep on a hard bed. However, if you “sleep on a hard bed”, can you really save your waist? Wrong, it hurts you even more!

Sleeping on hard bed is not a bed board!

The normal physiological structure of the human body is an S-shaped physiological curvature from the side.  If the bed is too hard to sleep, it cannot match the normal curve of the human spine, and the waist cannot be supported.  If the time is long, it will easily cause strain, increase back pain, etc. symptom. The hard bed has a certain influence on the protruding bones and joints of the body.  So should we sleep on a soft mattress? The answer is No. A bed that is too soft, people lying on it will bend the spine and feel back pain in the short term.  In the long run, it will cause the middle part of the body to sink, the upper part of the body muscles to relax, the lower part of the muscles to be tightened, easily causing lumbar muscle and bone strain, and even causing the spine to bend or twist.

If children in the growth and development period sleep in a soft bed for a long time, it will affect the development of the spine, causing the hunchback and the spine to bend and deform!

What kind of mattress should we sleep in?

  1. The mattress should not be too soft or hard. The mattress is not the bigger the thicker, the better it is, but it is related to its supporting force.


  2. A suitable mattress keeps the spine naturally stretched and fits perfectly with the shoulders, waist, and hips, leaving no gaps.

Choose a mattress according to the material.

Different mattresses are suitable for different groups of people for proper lumbar spine

  1. Memory Foam mattress: developing youth

The foam mattress provides a solid support for the body and cushions the vibrations caused by body movements. Even if the person on the pillow turns over frequently, it will not affect sleep. However, the foam mattress is hard, suitable for the development of adolescents to form a good posture or some men who like to sleep on a hard bed.

  1. Latex mattress: a person with a heavyweight

Latex mattresses have a gap that allows air to circulate and is durable. Natural latex is soft and full of elasticity, providing precise support for the entire body, good water absorption, and comfortable feeling. The latex is dense, so the mattress is very heavy and highly resilient, suitable for people with higher weight, but less effective for people with a very lightweight.

  1. Spring mattress: a person who is not easily disturbed

The spring mattress distributes the weight of the body evenly over the entire mattress, avoiding excessive stress on any part of the body. Suitable for people who are not easily disturbed by their companions and who have a high demand for mattress elasticity and support.

So if you want to buy a mattress for your lumbar spine, we prefer you to buy a memory foam mattress.

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