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4 Traits of a good mattress

4 Traits of a good mattress - Shinysleep

Imagine, you are coming home after a tiresome day at work and just want to stick to your bed and relax for about 7-8 hours till your body feels refreshed and you are ready for another hectic day at the office. After eating haphazardly as soon as you jump into your bed you feel icky. A mild discomfort because your mattress seems less comforting and now you won’t be able to have a sound sleep. Do you know what does that means? A total mess the next day and you screw up real bad at the office, the Boss turning up to you for all the mistakes. All the work seems to be chaotic, you might get fired. You wouldn’t want to be fired just because of a mattress, would you? It might be a bit of exaggeration but having a bad mattress could be really bad for you as it can cause: Bad Posture Back Pain (lower back pain specifically) Horrible sleep Body Soreness and many more… Having a good mattress can help you solve some major problems and can prevent you from getting caught by many chronic diseases.

Let’s have a look at how beneficial a good mattress can be?

A good Mattress smoothens POSTURE

  • Google defines posture as the way you position your body or arrange your limbs. A good posture is enumerated as the position which puts the least strain on your body, which is a must as a bad posture can give root to many long-term diseases.
  • Arthritis, Fatigue, forward head posture, jaw pain, headache, shoulder and back pain are some of the diseases one can be prey to if one doesn’t take care of one body posture.
  • Having a good mattress takes the burden off your posture giving your back the perfect rest it wants after fighting the world being awake.

Good Mattress means sound sleep

Even though the consequences of not having a sound sleep are overlooked, it has the potential of killing a person.

  • Compromised Immune System, trouble with thinking and concentration, bad mood, weight gain, heart disease.
  • Some psychological risks include:
  • impulsive behavior
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • paranoia
  • suicidal thoughts

And this is just the tip of the Iceberg.


Good Mattress means No back pain

In most of the cases, the doctor diagnoses, the cause of back pain (lower back pain specifically) is a bed mattress.

  • More than half of them are advised to change their mattresses after the check-up.
  • So if you really don’t want to hurt your back, get a good mattress.


A good mattress can prevent snoring

if your mattress is not supporting your body properly, your airways might get caught under tension or the tissues may get sunken, which can lead to snoring.

  • Bad body support from the mattresses causes tension in the airflow and sinking of tissues leading to snoring. Although Snoring is ignored by many, it can cause fatality.
  • A good mattress helps prevent snoring by not causing any tension in the airflow.

Now you have seen that a good mattress can not only solve some major problems but would prevent you from getting caught by many chronic diseases which can cause a major impact on your life and of course, could also get you fired.

So Sleep Comfortably and live healthy without losing your job 😛