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The Relationship Between quality sleep and productivity

The Relationship Between quality sleep and productivity - Shinysleep

Are you one of those 1.2 billion people looking forward to increasing productivity at work by getting quality sleep? If yes, then this article is for you. But let us make a thing very clear that if you are wishing to have increased productivity magically then it’s not for you!

Have you ever give it a thought that why are you asked to have a good night’s sleep of 7 or 9 hours? Because getting enough sleep is immensely significant for an individual’s overall well-being. A good sleep makes you feel refreshed the next day. In fact, sleep is just as important as taking nutritious meals and doing regular exercises.

Unfortunately, many of you do not embrace the necessity of adequate sleep and skip it because of work schedules, stress, or any other reason which in turn negatively affects your productivity.

Sleep and productivity go hand in hand. Believe it or not but the better you slept the productive you will be the next day.

Because of poor sleep your brain cannot function properly impairing your abilities to concentrate, think clearly, and process memories.

Poor sleep can also lead to mood changes affecting your work culture. And your interpersonal relations can even be in danger if you did not sleep enough. So, to save yourself from social withdrawal have enough sleep.

Truly, a good night’s sleep boosts productivity. But the people who sleep less can see a significant decrease in productivity and performance. So, basically, you’re not getting enough work done because you’re sleep-deprived and you’re not sleeping because you’re not getting enough work done.

Coffee or energy drink might help you to boost productivity at work. But remember temporary fixes comes with numerous side effects in the long run.

Therefore stop relying on stimulants and make sleep your priority to be healthy and productive at work.


How to get quality sleep for the sake of productivity?

It’s not rocket science. Just follow below mentioned hacks and have productive days.

Fix your daily sleep schedule and adhere to it.

Go to bed earlier.

Sleep on the right mattress and pillow for appropriate comfort and support.

Avoid alcohol and coffee before hitting the bed.

Keep all technology distractions out of your room.

Turn down the light.

And here you go for a night of good sleep and a productive following day.


 Increase your overall job performance with quality sleep

Good sleep will help you make better decisions at the workplace.

Enough sleep will make you attentive at work.

You will not get baffled easily if you have slept well.

You will make lesser mistakes at work.

If you are attentive, active, and happy at the workplace you will manage your all work schedules and wow your boss. Check this research that shows a proven link between quality sleep and productivity.


If you are feeling sleepy during working hours and don’t want it to compromise your work then just have enough sleep daily at night. Since quality sleep can increase your productivity and save you from sleeping on the job. After all, sleeping in the workplace is a bad thing. Therefore, follow the above-discussed hack for quality sleep and increased productivity.