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Sleep Your Way to Healthy Mind

Sleep Your Way to Healthy Mind - Shinysleep

If during the day your brain is fuzzy or you can see your memory noticeably affected then it's high time for you to look after your sleep routine.

We need sleep to work appropriately the next day because this is how our systems are designed. Without proper sleep, we can’t do anything. Therefore for a productive day, we need great sleep of recommended hours as during rest our body and mind repair and prepare for the next day. 

As a car needs petrol to work in the same way the brain needs sleep to process information and manage emotions. Sleep is just like fuel to the brain. If you sleep enough your brain will perform better. 

But if you do not your brain’s ability to process information, memories or emotions will reduce the next day. Furthermore, over time lack of sleep can contribute to the symptoms of depression. Therefore, ample sleep for a healthy mind is essential.

So, how can we maintain our proper mental health by sleeping right? 

Relationship between sleep and mental health

Sleep affects our mental health. 

Brain activity changes during sleep. Adequate sleep is significant for the brain to process emotional information. Right? But sleeplessness can be disastrous to the combination of positive emotional content giving birth to mental health disorders and their seriousness. 

There is a reciprocal relationship between our sleep and mental health. Restlessness can make an effect on our mental health and the other way round. Like if you have a sleep disorder there is more probability that you will encounter mental illness and if you are suffering a mental health disorder then you will struggle to sleep.

Additionally, it is visible that individuals who don’t get enough sleep experience less concentration, stress, and anxiety more often. So, if you wish to see the difference in your brain function then make sure you get enough sleep.  

Importance of sleep for mental health

We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. Sleep is as important to our body as eating, drinking, and breathing, and most importantly it is vital for maintaining good mental and physical health. 

Great sleep is essential for you to concentrate and perform. But when you don’t your brainpower to function properly gets negatively affected by sleep deprivation. Poor sleep can impair your brain function but good sleep can do the other way round by maximizing your memory and problem-solving skills.

 So, keep disorders away by having a proper sound sleep of 8 hours. 

Steps to improve sleep habits for better mental health

Here are some tips to improve sleep quality all by yourself :

 Maintain your daily sleep routine

 The best way to keep your mental health at a point is by fixing a sleep routine and stick by it. Our brain has a memory that keeps a record of everything including our daily sleep cycle. So, if we maintain our internal 24-hour clock will not get disturbed by giving a sound sleep. 

 Try meditation 

Meditation can assist you to sleep better. If you do it before bed, it can quiet the mind and body while enhancing inner peace. 

Don’t go to sleep just after a meal

Don’t hit the bed right after your meal. Go to bed at least after three to four hours after having food so that the digestion is over. 

Avoid caffeine and nicotine

If you are going to bed with coffee or alcohol then let me tell you that you are not going to sleep better. Because these stimulants can devoid you from a deep sleep experience, that you need to wake up feeling refreshed. Instead of this, have nutritionally dense foods and herbals teas like chamomile and lavender that naturally help in inducing sleep for a night of good sleep.

 Make sure you have a good sleep environment

Having a good sleep environment is essential when it comes to sleeping better. Indeed, our sleep environment greatly influences our sleep quality. If you opt for a highly comfortable mattress and a noise-free bedroom with the right temperature then you will have a great sleep. And if you like to add some fragrances to your bedroom you can, as everyone has their sleep preferences.

 Avoid electronic gadgets 

You can not have a good sleep if you keep your eyes running on mobile phones or laptops. Your bedtime should be for sleep and not for scrolling purposes. Hit the bed keeping devices out of your sleep space otherwise, you will be distracted.

Listen to calm music

Listening to calming music before bed can help you with your sleep issues giving you better sleep.

Have a shower

Have you ever noticed that after taking a shower all your tensions fade away?  Having a lukewarm shower before bed can make a lot of difference to your sleep by relaxing your body and mind.

Summing Up 

Adequate sleep is essential for both the brain and body to function appropriately. But if you do not sleep well then the negative effects of poor sleep can be seen on the mental health and physical health of a person. As we have discussed above sleep and mental are reciprocally related.  So, poor sleep can be a symptom of existing mental health, and sleep problems can contribute to the onset of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Therefore, addressing sleep issues early on is of utmost importance to protect your overall well-being. Making above mentioned changes to your lifestyle can promote good sleep, but if in case your problem continues, talk to your doctor.

Have a good sleep with Shinysleep!