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How Much Effective is a Sleep Tracker?

How Much Effective is a Sleep Tracker? - Shinysleep

With the advancements of technology and the fashion of tracking & measuring everything, many tracking devices are getting popular day by day.

You won’t see any runner or a fitness freak shedding those calories without a track. People are done with living in ambiguity, they need information they want to know the exact amount of what’s going in and how’s affecting what.


One of these trends is a sleep tracker.

A sleep tracker is a device that tracks everything from the hours you put in while sleeping to the quality of that sleep. It is used by persons who are facing some challenges when it comes to sleep but they are unable to figure out the factors affecting the sleep.


Some of the common factors most devices track are:
  • The time you spend sleeping
  • The factors affecting your sleep
  • The Quality of the sleep, determining if the sleep is smooth or not.
  • Time spent in different stages of sleep, from light sleep to REM. It tracks everything
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Basically, it’s a modern bliss. It can be used by anyone without much hassle. Just tie it up on your wrist, and you are good to go, the data will be ready by the time you wake up.

Talking about the advancements in technology, there are some pre-installed sleep trackers in some of the phones available out there, they won’t be as effective, but who knows what future brings.

Presently, contemporary sleep trackers are used by many individuals to track their sleeping patterns. The Sleep tracker will definitely give you something to reflect upon.


How do these Sleep trackers measure?

Sleep tracker isn’t magic but just a blessing of the modish world.

They measure our sleep primarily by our body movements.

We know you might be thinking, the movements are very subjective and we move every time so how will it provide accurate results?

When we sleep, we are comparatively very still than we are while performing other activities.


This makes the bodily movements a crucial factor in tracking our sleep.


Other factors that help track our sleep are:


  • The heart rate:

    Some trackers use heart monitors which track the activity of our heart rate. We tend to have a fairly stable heart rate when we are asleep. Any variations in that are sensed by the device.



    • Noise in the sleep environment:

      We are very quiet while we are asleep. Surprisingly, we do not make any noises and any variation in that is quickly tracked by the device.

    So Now the question at hand is it advisable to use them?

    They are okay to use if you have a habit to track everything and keep yourself informed about what’s going on, in your body.

    They in actuality aren’t structured to provide the exact data of what’s happening.

    For the exact and accurate data there are many complex processes.They won’t be the ones that can be performed without supervision.

    We cannot completely cut off the importance of the trackers as they help us with the information on our sleeping patterns and how do you feel when there are some tangible changes in the sleeping environment.

    And the doctors and somnologists are always there to help you clear any doubts of yours.