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Healthy Midnight Snacks to Indulge Those Midnight Munchies

Healthy Midnight Snacks to Indulge Those Midnight Munchies - Shinysleep

When it comes to spending sleepless nights, certainly, you should be more ‘particular’ on deciding the right kind of midnight snacks. As countless studies show— it is okay to indulge in midnight munchies, unless it disturbs your sleep pattern and provokes physical malady. So it’s okay to eat at night but keeping a check on what you are eating in is equally important 

It seems you have to follow a few rules while deciding on midnight snacks.


Things to keep in mind before midnight snacking

  • To avoid excess weight gain or calories, you have to eat food that contains less than 400 calories.
  • Fresh fruit and veggies are always recommended. For the reason that they include a higher percentage of nutrients. Also, they are easy to digest, which is favorable for sleep.
  • It is suggested to have low sugar snacks. rich protein/fiber snacks are much better than carbohydrates nutriment.
  • Add snacks that avail melatonin, which aids in a sleep-cycle. Foods like oats, almonds, and cherries managed the very components.
  • Foods like milk, cheese, and eggs have Tryptophan (this amino acid increases the melatonin level). Hence, tryptophan-oriented diets are referred for nighttime snacking.

Healthy lifestyle habits to follow in lockdown

Here’s a list of midnight munchies you can binge-eat without thinking twice. (Controlled-eating is always appreciated) 

Healthy Midnight Snacks to Indulge Those Midnight Munchies

  • Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt can be used for different purposes. But using it before bedtime increases the sleep-cycle a lot. It comprises high protein and probiotics. The unique taste arrived with the mixture of smoothie, fruit, and honey (you can also enjoy it plain). This snack is responsible for melatonin and serotonin. The best result comes out while combining it with fresh fruit, which allows growing tryptophan faster

  • Kiwis

Kiwis are so good for healthy sleep.  It also tastes like sweet-tarts. And it is super nutritious and figure-friendly. Kiwis include a large amount of nerve messengers serotonin (serotonin helps curb cravings),  which all the way makes you super-relax and helps to sleep faster. Primarily, This fruit is prescribed for those insomnia patients. Kiwis are easy to digest and avail vitamin C. A two-peeled kiwis include not less than 93% of calories.

  • Grapes

Grapes are something that you can digest or eat if you’re not hungry. If you have the thought to have a sweet before going to bed, grapes are a good substitute. Grape not only improves sleep but also nurtures your heart. Grape is a source of melatonin, polyphenols. As expert claims, during warmer months, grapes are supposed the best subordinate of sleep.


  • Apple chips and apple sausage 

Apple chips are the perfect amalgamation of sweet and crunchy. It’s rather good to go with cookies while you have baked apple chips. Having apple cups before going to bed helps the sleep cycle. It has a high fiber and is not overly sweet. Likewise, Applesauce is easy to digest. Eating it with walnuts and cinnamon makes the ‘perfect choice’ because this threesome is assumed as the best sleep-assistant. Applesauce reduces ore in. And it keeps the body alert and sound.


  • Popcorn

Popcorn includes high fiber, which has a low amount of calorie level. It has the perfect complex carbohydrates. You can eat them with added sugar, salt, or honey. Popcorns are easy to digest. Noted, avoid that popcorn (those usually have additives), which are served in movie theatres. Those popcorn disturbs the sleep habit and also motivates extra gain.


  • Bananas (with some peanut butter….) 

Bananas, can you stop from going bananas. It’s true. The sticky-yet-delicious fruit is filled with amounts of potassium that aids in relaxing your muscles. Combine it with some peanut butter and you have got yourself a super healthy yet magnificently delicious treat that’ll even help you sleep. That’s the magic of some PB with bananas.

Benefits of Peanut butter and banana

  • Eggs

If you are munching something at night, make sure it is full of protein. Because it is not only healthy, it will help you to say goodbye to your sleepless night. Eggs for that matter are a perfect midnight snack. They are rich in tryptophan. And the best thing about eggs, you will always find them stashed in your fridge. Just open the fridge. Let the cool air splash on your face, and look at the bottom. Or the right corner. You’ll find a stash of oval-shaped nuggets that can turn into any delicious treat you want. 

  • Edamame

This veggie rules as the ‘best late-night snack’. It is best for those who love saltiness. Truth is, a little sprinkle of salt on them gives the nicest flavor on this very midnight munchie. It is the main source of tryptophan, carbohydrates and protein, which functions to increase the level of serotonin and melatonin. You don’t know but 113 grams of edamame has 150 calories. The calories increase while it is used in a dry-roasted manner.


Before you leave…

When it comes to grabbing midnight snacks, it is advised that one should avoid foods that have a high amount of fat, sugar, and salt. Ordinarily, snacks like potato chips, ice creams, and different fast food sicken the sleep pattern. Also, such foods are hard to digest. What we will recommend you to— simply avoid such foods. And get on some healthy grocery shopping early in the day, so you don’t find yourself roaming around the house looking for left-overs.