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Memory Foam Mattress : Boom or Bane

Memory Foam Mattress : Boom or Bane - Shinysleep

With the popularity of memory foam mattresses, more and more consumers are choosing memory foam mattresses.

But is it a Boon or a Bane? 

This material was originally called “Slow Spring Back Foam” which was a slow rebound foam.
Memory foam was discovered in 1966 and now in 2019, after so many, it has transformed itself from an alleviate which was used by astronauts for ascending or landing to a full-fledged sleeping mattress. Memory foam mattress has a new type of high-tech material with an open-cell structure. Open-Cell molecules of this material will “flow” and shift and deform when pressed by an external force.
The profile of the contact surface of the pressed object is limited by the intermolecular van der Waals force and the rebound force is weakened, so that the pressure is evenly dispersed to the entire contact surface, and the pressure gradually returns to the original shape when the pressure is removed.

Advantages of Memory foam mattress

  1. When the mattress is depressed by the pressure, there will be no strong rebound force, but when the pressure is removed, it will slowly return to its original state, which can balance the pressure of the contact point between the human body and the mattress, and make the sleep more comfortable.


  2. Memory cotton is an open, sticky cell material that is extremely sensitive to temperature, so the memory foam mattress is also made to have this function. After technical processing, the memory foam mattress can also be based on the human body. The different temperatures of the various parts provide the right hardness for a better relaxation.
  3. Memory foam mattress can absorb and decompose the body’s pressure, and the general mattress will have a reaction force on the human body, then the spine and joint will be squeezed by the mattress, making people feel sore and paralyzed, while memory cotton the mattress has no reaction force, which makes the whole body blood smooth and sleeps comfortably.

Disadvantages of memory foam mattress

  1. The memory storage function of the memory foam mattress is too strong, the heat will be absorbed and stored in the mattress. Because of the high density, the heat is also emitted slowly, so in the summer, the temperature of the memory foam mattress will rise. High, if there is no air-conditioning in the room, it is best to suspend the use of memory foam mattresses.
  2. In the winter, the memory cotton mattress may shrink. Because the temperature is relatively low in winter, there will be thermal expansion and contraction, and the memory cotton mattress will become hard when the temperature drops.
  3. The contents of the memory cotton mattress are susceptible to allergies for some sensitive people.

These were the advantages and disadvantages of a memory foam mattress.

We hope that we have cleared all your doubts regarding a memory foam mattress. At last, if you are going to buy this mattress, then you must check our website as we also manufacture memory foam mattress.
We suggest you that you can surely invest in a memory foam mattress as it is worth buying.