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The effect of sleep deprivation on Blood sugar level

The effect of sleep deprivation on Blood sugar level - Shinysleep

Lack of sleep can be daunting right?

 A drowsy next day, searching different nook and corners to take a nap and furthermore catching up on some big trouble that might be easy to ignore the same day but could be very risky in the long-term.

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Example? Agreeing to a task which wasn’t meant to be done by you but being all sleepy you anyway agreed.

Awful, isn’t it!

But this isn’t where lack of sleep takes a halt!


  • The impact of lack of sleep can have far-reaching health implications including.
  •  Increased risk of accidents.
  • Being more prone to mental illnesses.
  • Premature aging.
  • And a dreadful impact on blood sugar levels.

A research team led by a doctor at the University of Chicago found that if a healthy adult sleeps an average of 316 minutes per day (that is, about 5.2 hours), then after 8 consecutive days, he will secrete more insulin than those who sleep every day. 50% more people in 477 minutes (about 8 hours).

As a result, people with less sleep have a 40% decrease in insulin sensitivity.

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The University of Chicago study in their conclusion stated that chronic sleep deprivation (6.5 hours or less at night) has the same effect as increasing insulin resistance with age.

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Another study categorized sleep into three levels

  • Sleep, less than 6 hours.
  • Sleep of 6 to 8 hours.
  • Sleep of more than 8 hours.

During the 6-year study period, it was observed that day the proportion of blood glucose changes were 4.56 times higher for those who sleep less than 6 hours than that of people who sleep for 6 to 8 hours.

There was no difference between those who slept more than 8 hours and those who slept 6-8 hours.

The second study authenticated the first and concluded the impact of lack of sleep to be a lot higher than what was expected.

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Measures to be taken?


There aren’t any hard or fast rules to discourage sleep deprivation from hampering blood sugar levels, but the basics of a healthy lifestyle can be incorporated to help you avoid the dreadful disease.


  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition to developing good eating habits, it is also important to have a regular lifestyle and ensure adequate sleep.


  2. As conclusive, Lack of proper sleep greatly increases the risk of diabetes. Maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Don’t let any of the distractions disturb your focus from a good night’s sleep.


  3. Get a regular check-up, blood sugar levels won’t be uneven with an alarm. You have to get regular check-ups and maintain a doctor’s regular opinion if a danger of the disease was pointed out earlier or if you aged enough or even if you have a history of diabetes in your family.

Be healthy and stay out of the danger of this deadly disease, it’s nothing you can do except be a little more aware of your lifestyle and discard all that is negative and could hurt your health in the long term. But also, it is true for most things so the moral tell you to take the utmost care of your health.