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Is summer affecting sleep quality?

Is summer affecting sleep quality? - Shinysleep

Winter days of wrapping up in a warmed and cozy mattress for a quality sleep will be missed a lot as hot summer rolls around. In winter it was much easier to fall asleep than hot summer because the lighter evening of summer stops us from feeling dizzy and brighter mornings awake us earlier against our wish. 

Sun scorching days are back leaving us to drench in sweat and wrecking our sleep quality making us toss and turn in bed. You must be aware of the fact that the temperature we sleep in has a significant effect on sleep. Thus, being in a comfortable sleep environment is essential for a night of healthy sleep.  But dozing at a hot temperature just doesn’t make it difficult for us to fall asleep but also creates an effect on how well we sleep.

However, that does not mean that you have to wait for next winter for a good sleep! 

With the help of a few ways, we can make our sleep better right now on these hot summer nights. Stick with us till the end to sleep better with a few tips.

Relationship between sleep and temperature A good temperature is essential for a night of better nighttime sleep.  What happens is that our body’s internal temperature changes over time during a period of 24 hours. So, as we hit bed our body begins to lose warmth and continues to cool down till 5 in the morning.  But if your sleeping environment is too hot or too cold then it can create a negative effect on your internal temperature disturbing your sleep.

Also, it will be harder to sleep comfortably in too hot or too cold temperatures. So, having an optimum sleep environment is a comfort issue as well.

Sleep tips for staying cool on summer nights

Get sunlight in the early morning

People who get exposed to the early morning sunlight feel more active during the whole day. Doing this also helps them ease their sleep disorders and sets them for a night of good sleep a little bit sooner than they would.

Keep the room dark

By getting morning sunlight you have taken a step but to move further it is equally important to get rid of light at night in order to keep the internal clock on a regular schedule. So, keep lights away from your sleep surface.

Make a bedtime routine

Stop compromising your sleep for your weekend parties! Don’t stay up late in the night as it can disturb your internal 24-hour clock. So, have a sleep routine and stick to it. 

Don’t hit the bed with alcohol or caffeine

Maybe having alcohol at the right time can induce sleep but it disturbs your sleep cycle for sure. Alongside this, it throws away essential fluids from the body. So, for seconds of pleasure don’t mess up with hours of sleep. Going to bed with alcohol or caffeine can take a toll on your sleep. But unfortunately, many people don’t pay attention to it but they should.

Try to stay cool

Heat and humidity can make it hard to sleep cooler as temperature affects sleep quality. On the off chance if you are sleeping in a too-hot room you will end up with sweat all over you. So, it’s mindful to have an air conditioner or fan to keep air circulating in the room to make you stay cool for a good sleep.

Have a shower before bed

To wind up a long day with a night shower is a good thing. In order to not feel sticky and kind of gross, it is advisable to take a shower before bed. Because a few minutes in a shower will make you feel more light and comfortable by shedding all dead skin or dirt from your body.

Stop exercising before bed

Doing exercise is good for health, undoubtedly. But doing it at the wrong time that is closer to bedtime can make it hard for you to fall asleep as it will spike your body temperature.

Invest in the right mattress and pillow 

Sleep environment plays a significant role in how comfortable you feel during the night. Many people find trouble sleeping as their mattresses are not comfortable.

Orthoplus Mattresses and latex mattresses work better at keeping the mattress cool by absorbing heat giving you a cool environment to sleep in the same with the pillow latex pillow can offer you above average temperature control. Therefore, if you have the right pillow and mattress then you will not feel hot and sleep easier. 

Stop wearing thick clothes 

Stop wearing thick or insulating clothes during sleep time as it can make you overheat in a mattress.  So, instead of it try wearing pajamas or sleep nude or semi-nude for a more comfortable night. Furthermore, choose the attire that works best for you on humid nights. 

Stay Hydrated

I guess I don’t need to say it, you all know it already. Right? 

Having a glass of chilled water before bed will keep your body hydrated and cool, and recharges any deficiency of water because of sweating.

Keep your smartphone at distant

It will not be wrong to say that we all are addicted to our smartphones as this is the first thing we check as soon as we awake and of course the last thing before we nod off.

For a peaceful sleep, you must keep this addiction at a distance from you otherwise the light emitted from your phone and notifications will make it harder for you to sleep. So, keep this in mind “No phones during bedtime”.

Final thoughts

Seasonal effects on the sleep cycle of individuals are visible. Especially during summer times, it has been found that because of more light exposure the core body temperature and melatonin secretion in individuals are slightly advanced impacting his/her internal biological block. Due to which individual finds it harder to sleep. So, what to do? Just try the above tips and tricks to fix your sleep issues and have a night of good bedtime in this hot summer.

Have a good sleep with Shinysleep!