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How to sleep better at night naturally ?

How to sleep better at night naturally ? - Shinysleep

Disturbed and incomplete sleep is a big problem that can lead you to a new exhausting day. In today's scenario, we all are aware of the negative effect of incomplete and uncomfortable sleep. It can affect our physical as well as mental health to a great extent.
But are we conscious about our sleep and doing something to improve our sleep?

 If not, then it's time to devote some time and take some steps to improve our sleep. Here are some of the natural ways that can be helpful in getting better sleep:

  1. Get in sync with the natural sleep-wake cycle: Try to set your sleep and wake time and follow your set time daily to get better sleep. If you are having sleeping problems at night then take short naps in the daytime or avoid taking naps. Try not to disturb your sleep time even on weekends and avoid drowsiness before bedtime. All these things help in getting better sync with the sleep-wake cycle which promotes better sleep at night.
  2. Avoid more exposure to light during the night: Expose yourself to sunlight in the morning. Allow natural sunlight to your home or work area and avoid bright screens at night before bedtime. Use dim light at night if necessary for movements.  As our body secret, a hormone called melatonin controlled by light exposure can affect our sleep cycle.
  3. Make sure to add exercise to your daily routine: People who exercise regularly will enjoy better sleep at night and feel more active during the day. Regular exercise helps in improving the symptoms of insomnia and increases the amount of time you spend in the night's sleep. Exercise helps in controlling hormones and improves our mood that can lead to better sleep at night.
  4. Be conscious about what you eat: Limit your caffeine intake especially at night as it can cause sleep problems. Try to have dinner in the evening, and avoid heavy and spicy foods at night time before bed as it can cause stomach trouble and heartburn. Avoid drinking more liquids in the evening as it can result in the frequent need to use the bathroom throughout the night. Cut back on sugary foods and refined carbs. Eating lots of sugar and refined carbs can also affect your sleep.
  5. Manage your whole day's stress and calm yourself:  Stress, worry, and anger from your day can create difficulty in sleeping well. doing some peaceful and relaxing work help in managing your stress and anger. You can also try practicing yoga or take a warm bath, or dim the lights and listen to soft music.
  6. Improve your sleep Environment: A proper sleeping routine helps to let go of the day’s stress. Sometimes even small changes in your environment can make a big difference to your sleep. You can keep your room cool and avoid loud noise at late night to create a good sleeping environment.
  7. Make your bed comfortable: One of the most important things is your bed should be comfortable for sleeping as an uncomfortable mattress can affect your quality of sleep and can create health issues like Back and neck pain and even leads to insomnia. It’s important to choose a comfortable mattress and pillow as it can help a lot in relaxing your body and mind and leads to comfortable sleep.


These are some of the ways that can help you to get your good night's sleep. We at Shinysleep takes a step to help you get a good sleep as we deal in mattress and pillows designed specifically to meet your requirement that can help you sleep peacefully. We have a different variety of mattresses to meet the need of different people. The mattresses are as follows:

 We have a dual comfort mattress designed specifically for people looking for a hard mattress. But we all know that sleeping on a hard mattress for a long time may sometimes feel uncomfortable so this mattress has a soft side as well that can give you the feel of a soft mattress along with back support. You can use the mattress from both sides as per your comfort level. That’s why it is referred to as a dual comfort mattress as it can give both the benefit of a soft and hard mattress.

Orthoplus memory foam mattress designed for people looking for a medium-hard mattress. It is made up of Memory foam, HR foam, Bonded foam. Memory foam responds to body heat and temperature and contours to the body. Hr foam helps to get a bouncy feel. Bonded foam provides great back support. It is designed to provide great spine alignment which can help in reducing the back pain problem. It helps in distributing the bodyweight evenly and comes back to its original shape once the pressure is removed.

Orthopedic mattresses are designed for people looking for a hard mattress or suggested by the doctor for back pain problems. It is made from PU and Bonded form. PU foam helps in giving comfort while the bonded foam provides great back support. This mattress helps you in adopting a comfortable sleeping posture promoting healthy sleep.

We also have a mattress for the people looking for a hotel-like mattress i.e. our pocket spring mattress. It is made up of PU foam and premium quality spring. It helps to get medium back support. It molds according to the body shape and comes back in its original form once the pressure is removed. It is suitable for people looking for a soft mattress.

We also deal in Natural latex mattress which is made up from natural latex derived from the sap of rubber tree. We have two types of latex mattresses i.e. natural latex and hybrid latex. Both are free from chemical foams and dust and bacteria resistance. It comes with long durability and low maintenance.

We also deal in memory foam pillows, latex pillows and fiber pillows that provide great support to neck and shoulder those traditional pillows are unable to provide.

Take a step towards your healthy sleep and change your old mattress and pillows and bring the new mattress that can help you in meeting your sleeping requirement and provides comfortable sleep.

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