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Benefits of Sleep for Exercise Recovery

Benefits of Sleep for Exercise Recovery - Shinysleep

Exercise is an important part of everybody's life. Everyone knows the importance of exercise and what part it plays in our well-being and fitness. From physical to mental health exercise plays a huge role and everybody's either added some kind of exercise in their routine or wants to add it. But it is often observed that some people can do it better than others without any difficulty while others end up getting sprains or muscle pain. Obviously, the right way of doing exercise is a must for the best result but getting proper rest and sleep also plays a huge role. So if you are concerned about your health then it is important to have a good quality of sleep. Let's understand how sleep helps in exercise recovery.

Rejuvenate mind and body: Sleep helps in relaxing and replenishes your energy. It helps in making memories and increases your power of learning new things. At the same time, it helps in giving rest to your nervous system which is responsible for the body functioning and manages hormones level.
Lack of sleep can affect your Mental Health  which will affect your exercise routine, and you will end up getting fatigued easily.

Helps in getting a good workout session: Exercise can help in getting your body and mind relaxed, and it also helps in maintaining good hormones that will keep your body healthy. But disturbed or less sleep can adversely affect your workout, and you will find it difficult to do a simple exercise that will put more pressure on your muscles, and you end up getting strain or injuries, and you won't be able to go for heavy exercise for a period of time.

Sleep time varies: Nobody can generalize the sleep time for everyone. We know that it is often considered that having 7-8 hours of sleep is enough to carry on your day. But what happens if you often wake up at night or won't be able to sleep comfortably due to a bad sleeping environment. Then these eight hours won't give you the rest that a good quality sleep of 6 hours can do. So, it is important to create a better sleeping environment keeping in mind your sleeping requirement and your comfort zone. Choose your mattress and pillows wisely and avoid any disturbance. Also, concentrate on your eating habits especially before bedtime as heavy food can create a bloating feeling, and you have to wake up at night.

Help in Staying refreshed: Intense workout often leads to fatigue and to remove fatigue feeling it's important to have a little nap to relax your muscles. Afterward, you will wake up refreshed and energized to better carry on your activity. Your mood seems to improve a lot. You can easily handle any problem at work as your brain seems to relax a lot, and you can find new and creative ideas to deal with the situation.

Improves Performance:  Sleep helps in improving your performance in work, gym, and home. You will be able to learn and carry on a new exercise that will help in building your muscle and body abs. So take proper rest and get good quality sleep to relax your muscles and improve your workout routine to get a well-defined body and mind.

Improves immune system:  Good immune system helps in getting faster recovery and reduces the chances of getting sick. So, it is important to have a better immune system, and sleep helps in improving the body's immune system. It improves your body performance and your ability to carry on an intense workout.

Affect Bodyweight: Most of the people in our country are over-weighted, and they join the gym or other exercises just to reduce their body weight. But sleep has its own significance in maintaining body weight. Improper sleep can lead to anxiety, mood swings, or serious problems like depression which will result in binge-eating. You will eat more food even if you are full and prefers unhealthy food which affects your sleep quality. Improper sleep can lead to fatigue and this won't let your body exercise properly. Your body will release the cortisol hormone which will increase your carbohydrate intake and your body weight tends to rise eventually.

Resolves heart issues: Exercise and sleep are interrelated. Doing exercise without proper sleep will not benefit you in any terms. Doing a workout can increase your pulse rate and heartbeat which will tend to normalize after some rest. But bad sleep can affect your eating habits and can create heart problems. So, to have a healthy heart it is important to combine both sleep and exercise together.

These are some of the ways that help your body to relax and recover from your daily fatigue. Try to create a balance between sleep and exercise as more exercise with less sleep can prove harmful as it can lead to muscle strains. You won't be able to reach your fitness goal. On the other hand, adding adequate sleep with daily exercise can create wonderful results. Give enough importance to your sleep by creating a healthy sleeping environment and in case of any sleeping problems, consult your doctor and take proper care of your sleep. Change the things that can disturb your sleep cycle and try to maximize your quality of sleep. Make sure to add some light exercise like walking, swimming. Etc. if you are new to work out or having some kind of injury or ortho problems. Have a good quality mattress that relieves pressure and helps in relaxing the muscles along with providing a good level of comfort to your sleep. These small things can lead to an active and healthy life.