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111 Nights Risk Free Trial

How does the 111 Nights Risk Free Trial Works?

111 Nights Risk free Trial applies only on Purchase of Shinysleep Mattress bought through www.shinysleep.com

In Practical, our body takes at-least a month to get used to a newly purchased mattress.

Key Points to consider:

  1. 111 Nights Risk Free Trial starts from the Day the product is delivered to the customer.
  2. You can decide to return the mattress any time before the end of 111 Nights for Refund.
  3. We are available for complete support on the Phone, through email or Chat.
  4. We would suggest you to use the Mattress at-least for a month. Still, at any given point of time, for any reason, if you want to return the Mattress and claim a refund, we will collect the Mattress and initiate the refund amount. 

We would advise you to read all the below details that are related to 111 Nights Risk Free trials so that you have all the required information for this initiative.

If you are not satisfied with your newly purchased mattress under 111 Nights Risk Free Trial (It starts from the Date of Delivery for next 111 calendar nights).

The exceptions to 111 Days Risk Free Trial policy is that if the Mattress is not given back in the same condition that it was delivered to customer. It simply means that there should not be any damage or tampering or stains with the mattress. We hope this is a reasonable request to receive the Mattress back in the same condition that it was delivered to you.

We want this to be a genuine deal for customer & business. We do not want the trial to be misused in any condition.

We completely understand, If you are not happy with the Mattress then we are ready to take it back. The deal is, please return the Mattress back in undamaged condition. We will initiate refund or there will not be any refund in case the Mattress is having strains or tampering or any kind of damage.

Process and key points:

  • Please ensure that the original Invoice is produce while request for refund. Not the photocopy, Scan Copy or Email print out etc.
  • Please take complete care of the Mattress which means there should not be any Damage or Stains.
  • You need to produce Product photographs and cooperate with the team.
  • You need to send us an email ([email protected]) to start the refund process.
  • For any return or cancellations, if you have opted for 0% EMI and while initiating the refund, team will deduct the Interest Part i.e. 0% EMI amount if same has been already given to you and the rest of the amount will be refunded back to you.
  • Final decision will be taken by Shinysleep team. Trust us that our decision will not be bias to anyone.
  • At any given point of time company have full rights to change the policies without any prior notice. 



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