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When you decide you buy a new mattress, there are multiple mattress types available in the market. Memory foam mattress and innerspring are two famous choices of the buyer.
As no mattress is ideal and memory foam mattress and innerspring both have their pros and cons.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are made using multiple layers of different densities of the foam. It is the same foam that is used in providing safety to aircraft cushions.

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Memory foam mattress contours the body pretty well and also has the ability to regain its original shape after being used.

It relieves the pressure points of the body and this characteristic makes memory foam mattress a great option for people suffering from back, muscle or joint pain.

What is Innerspring Mattress?

The innerspring mattress consists of metal coils suspended in other material of the mattress often termed as a traditional mattress.
They offer good support to the back especially to the person who is heavy in weight or person having back related problems.The innerspring mattress provides a lot of bouncy feels and fine temperature control.But the problem with spring mattress is that it doesn’t provide the same amount of pressure evenly throughout the mattress and this called discomfort while sleeping.

Major differences between innerspring and memory foam mattress are:

There are a lot of variances that are present between innerspring and memory foam mattress and let’s go through them one by one:

  • Pricing:if you can buy both innerspring and memory foam mattresses in decent prices because these mattresses are available on almost every budget according to their construction type and quality of material used in them.
  • Bouncy feel: innerspring mattress provides bouncy feel which may or may not be liked by the user as it all depends upon person requirement. In the case of memory foam mattress, it is more motion wave absorber and doesn’t cause any disturbance when your partner moves or rolls while sleeping.
  • Durability: both innerspring and memory foam mattress is durable but in case of innerspring, it started using its comfort after some years while memory foam continues to provide the same amount of comfort for long years.
  • Back Support:usually people with back support buy memory foam mattresses because memory foam mattresses support and maintain the natural curve of the spine and make you more comfortable while sleeping.
  • Coolness: memory foam mattresses are cool in nature but innerspring are cooler options than the memory foam mattress. These are the major differences between innerspring and memory foam mattresses.
Which one do we suggest?

We prefer you to go with memory foam mattresses as they are more reliable, durable and provide excellent back support.

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Advantages of Orthoplus memory foam mattress:


  • Motion isolation factor
  • Good pressure relief
  • No sinking feel
  • An extra layer for back support
  • superb longevity
  • Quick pain relief
  • Great comfort
  • Ideal for people suffering from backaches and pains, and arthritis.
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