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What is an Orthopedic mattress

What is an Orthopedic mattress - Shinysleep

An orthopedic mattress is a firm mattress designed to support the muscles, bones, and joints. This makes the orthopedic mattress suitable for people suffering from back pains and aches, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other similar conditions.

An Orthopedic mattress is a mattress specially designed to provide proper support for the joints, back, and overall body. As its name suggests, an orthopedic mattress has been influenced by the medical study of orthopedics that focuses on disorders or deformities of the spine and joints.

Orthopedic mattresses are made to combat all issues that users with a nasty back or joints could face by providing a firm mattress that offers targeted and adequate support.  With medical innovations and discoveries relating to bone and joint function within the 1950s, many manufacturers of mattresses created a trial to enhance their product and provide them an edge over their competitors. 

However, since there has not been a government standard or official designation that will qualify one mattress to be orthopedic over others in most countries, and all modern mattresses support the back and joints to a lesser or greater extent, the modern use of the term “orthopedic” has largely become a marketing term.

But the term ‘Orthopedic’ is an unusual one when it comes to mattresses, as it refers to functional problems in the skeletal system including the muscle and ligaments. An Orthopedic mattress is supposed to relieve these issues, however, there is no hard and fast rule for what deems a mattress Orthopedic.

Advantages of buying an Orthopedic mattress:

  1. Orthopedic mattresses comfort your body by giving optimal support to all its pressure points.
  2. It offers good sleep even to that person who is suffering from backaches and pains, and arthritis by increasing comfort and support.
  3. These mattresses are so quiet that when one sleeper moves at one side of the bed, it won’t cause any disturbance to the other sleeper.
  4. These mattresses are highly durable and survive for the long-term.
  5. This mattress sturdiness lasts very long than other mattresses.
  6. It promotes a better posture by preventing your body from sinking and also ensures correct spinal alignment and helps to alleviate all your spine strain by reducing back pain which ultimately removes all the tiredness in the morning and increases energy levels throughout the day.
  7. An Orthopaedic mattress relieves all your pressure points, particularly in your neck, back and hips by spreading all of your body weight evenly on the mattress.
  8. It promotes healthier blood circulation throughout the night and helps to adopt the correct posture as you sleep.
  9. The extra support these mattresses provide helps to improve your posture throughout sleep, reducing the odds of the discomforts of pains and aches waking you up.

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