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Why Shinysleep is the Best Brand for Buying Latex Mattress In India?

Why Shinysleep is the Best Brand for Buying Latex Mattress In India? - Shinysleep

Latex mattresses are made up of a substance which is obtained directly from nature!

This is, in fact, the greenest of all available in the mix.

The substance used in Latex is nothing but a natural sap that comes from rubber trees.

This is what makes one of the most expensive one compared to the other mattresses.

The factor of being derived from nature provides the mattress:

  • The natural coolness
  • Non-toxic and pollution friendly nature
  • Anti-bacterial function
  • Better elasticity
  • Most comfortable sleep

These were the factors that make latex one of the best choices for you!

Before cruising, our way ahead here’s a heads up:

Latex Mattresses are Available in Two Types

Natural latex and Synthetic latex mattress.

Synthetic Latex mattresses are made up of man-made ingredients but contain the same molecular compound as natural latex.

Synthetic latex can also be less resilient and elastic than natural latex.

Also, Synthetic latex does not provide the same durability as a natural latex mattress.

Though synthetic latex mattresses might look the same as the natural one, they tend to flatten in the long run and disrupt the whole experience.

So beware before pressing the Buy Now

We. at Shinysleep prefer the Natural Latex mattresses over any other because nothing is better than Natural.


Now let’s dive deep into why shinysleep’s latex will be the best buy for you.

1) Guaranteed protection for over a decade:

Most of the latex mattresses that you find on the market provide a warranty of 5 or 7 years, but shinysleep’s updated model provides you with 11 years of protected warranty.


2) Latex authenticated by the connoisseurs of Belgium and the giants of the industry

Our latex is imported from the finest providers of Belgium who ensure top-most quality.

Moreover, our product is certified by Oeko Tex 100 and Euro Latex who ensure that the mattress is 100 per cent natural latex.


3) Specially constructed resist dust mites and allergens.

Shinysleep’s Natural Latex mattress ensures you a mite-free experience so that you can sleep on your comfy mattress without worrying about the external allergens.


4) Best Quality raw materials to ensure maximum durability

The materials of superlative quality such as the 550 GSM Knitted breathable are used to lift up the strength and life of the latex mattress.

This is what ensures great durability as compared to others.


5) Ultra-special service comfort

By clicking on the purchase button you qualify for our ultra-special service comfort which brings the mattress to your doorstep without any fee charged.

Along with that, you will get the 111 nights free trial so that you can make a confirmed decision

and the best part is, you can buy it at 0 % EMI

These are some of the features that you will get with our exceptional latex mattress.

Already in love with it?

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