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How do I choose the right king size memory foam mattress

How do I choose the right king size memory foam mattress - Shinysleep

A king-size mattress is usually the best choice for couples who want maximum personal sleeping space. To ensure that the king-size mattress will fit nicely into your bedroom, check your room dimensions accordingly.

Different sizes of mattress :

Benefits of buying king size mattress

More comfortable: No matter if you sleep alone or with a partner, this extra sleeping area makes the bed more comfortable.


Extra Space: Many couples usually buy king size mattress because of the size it offers. Also, if you have a small kid who likes to sneak into your bed, you’ll definitely appreciate the king size mattress.

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Sense of luxury: Especially if you get a mattress with a thicker profile or you find the best king size pillow top mattress. This is the simplest way to add some luxury to your bedroom and make it feel like you’re in a 5-star hotel.
There are many parameters one should keep in mind before buying a king size memory foam mattress. Before you start browsing through different brands and mattress types, think of your preferred sleeping position as well as your other preferences. 

Before you start looking for the best deals on a king-size mattress, consider the following pointers, so that it will help you find the perfect king size mattress according to your needs

Things to consider before buying king size memory foam mattress:

  1. Sleeping Position: Regardless of what your preferred sleeping position is, your mattress definitely needs to keep your spine in perfect alignment and posture.

    • Side sleepers: they usually prefer a softer bed that provides pressure relief for their shoulders and hips.
    • Stomach sleepers: they need solid support for their hips otherwise, their spine may be in an unnatural position, causing them to wake up with back pain.
    • Back sleepers: they need a mattress that offers proper support to their shoulders, trunk, and hips.
    • Combo sleepers: they need to pay attention to the sinkage level of a mattress since they don’t want to feel stuck when changing positions during the night.
  2. Comfort Level: the most important feature of any mattress is how comfortable a mattress is truly is since the main purpose of a mattress is to allow you to have a good night’s sleep.
    While some people prefer very firm mattresses, others find them extremely uncomfortable since they put additional pressure on their joints, like their shoulders or hips. However, regardless of its firmness level, a solid mattress needs to provide adequate support to the body and keep the spine in perfect posture.


  3. Price: your budget also plays a big crucial role while buying a mattress. Ideally, you should pick a budget and pick the best king mattress in that range which has most features you want in your mattress.


  4. Quality: To avoid waking up with aches and back pains, you need to find a good quality king size memory mattress that will provide you proper support you. After all, a king-size mattress is not a small investment, so you need to spend it on the best mattress.


  5. Warranty: Checking if the manufacturer offers a warranty is very important. Most mattresses come with a 7-year warranty regardless of their price, so it is an ideal choice for you to opt for the one which offers a longer warranty.

So now the question arises which brand in India provide the best king size memory foam mattress?

The answer is simple: ShinySleep

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What makes us better from other brands? We manufacture mattresses that are designed using futuristic technology to create extreme comfort and back support for the user. Our mattresses are so durable that they last more than 10 years and maintenance cost is also very low. 


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